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From Customer Service to Customer Engagement: Are Utilities Prepared for the Smart Grid Customer Experience?

TELUS-sponsored IDC Energy Insights white paper, 2010

Forces in the new energy economy are coming together to drive utilities to adopt new ways of serving their customers. Utilities, regulators, shareholders, credit rating agencies, and customers are examining strategies such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and demand response. At the same time, retail providers are providing new product offerings. New technology, such as smart metering, energy management applications and smart appliances, is changing the way utilities will be interacting with their customers. But are utilities ready for these changes and the implications for customer service and engagement?

This White Paper reviews the changes in customer relationships and business processes that utilities will experience with the introduction of smart metering and other new initiatives. Findings are based on primary research conducted with business and IT personnel at 60 large utilities in North America.

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