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We are a leading digital customer experience (CX) innovator that designs, builds and delivers next-gen digital solutions for global and disruptive brands.
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Solutions and Services

End-to-end service innovation

Solutions and Services

End-to-end service innovation

Design - Strategy & Innovation

We’re passionate about making life easier for customers - and for businesses. With our intuitive digital design approach, we help brands design next-gen business practices based not only on transforming technology, but also on transforming processes and culture. Our global teams design human-centered, data-driven digital experiences to enhance brand loyalty.

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Tailored solutions that support the full digital CX journey

Our clients include over 600 companies who believe that customer experience is critical to their success.

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High-performance AI requires high-quality data

It’s crucial to use clean, high-quality data to train your machine learning models. We provide AI training data at scale with our global community - 1 million strong - of AI experts.

Enabling the breakthroughs of tomorrow, today

iLabs is TELUS International’s investment in R&D where innovators, researchers and visionaries collaborate to explore emerging customer experience tech to disrupt the future.

More than your average chatbot

Discover our intelligent assistant platform for delightful conversations. See how top brands use our platform to enhance their CX operations. Request a demo.

CX innovation podcast

Discover TELUS International Studios, a podcast where industry game-changers share their CX and digital transformation wisdom.

People and Culture

Placing people first in all that we do

For over 15 years, we have carefully cultivated our caring culture by ensuring the best fit and alignment with the individuals who join our team, the clients we choose to work with, and the manner in which we run our business every day. We refer to our unique approach as our Culture Value Chain - the connection between corporate culture and better business outcomes.

World-class employee engagement


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Awards & Recognition

Digital Excellence

At TELUS International, we focus on lean, agile, human-centered design.

  • IAOP Global Outsourcing 100
  • Peak Leader 2020
  • Digital Transformation Award 2020
  • Learning Elite Gold 2019
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