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Additional European Centers of Excellence

Get to know our additional, well-established Centers of Excellence throughout Europe that bring us even closer to the languages and cultures of the customers we serve.

In addition to our larger digital CX delivery sites, we have a number of smaller Centers of Excellence that range between 30 and 500 team members that allow us to hone in on specific languages and geographies.

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Image from Austria


Our site based in Vienna, Austria, takes advantage of Vienna's strong reputation for liveability, attracting a highly qualified workforce from within the country, and across Europe. As such, on top of its official language of German, Austria has a wide range of minority languages such as Turkish, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian and Slovene.

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Bosnia locations

Bosnia & Herzegovina

With our center located in Sarajevo, the city holds the reputation as an “International City of Friendship” setting the tone for its business partnership potential. The level of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina is high, especially in key areas such as engineering and technology. The talent pool is deep and English is widely spoken.

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View of Paris


France is highly developed and one the largest economies in the world. The economy of its capital, Paris, is based largely on the service industry and while French is the mother tongue of the majority of the population, many citizens also speak Arabic, Portugese, Spanish and Italian. We operate one center located in the city.

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Riga center town


Latvia has consistently scored high in relation to its European counterparts in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ranking. Its capital, Riga, is home to our CX delivery center as well as many well-known universities and cultural offerings. In fact, Riga is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site with its compact center featuring numerous architectural styles.

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Gdansk aerial view


Poland’s strong software developers have established international reputation, partially due to the country’s world-class universities that are producing tech graduates with low labor costs. Our center is located in Gdansk, a port city on the Baltic coast. This region is also known for its highly educated population and notable economic growth.

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Slovakia skyline


Bratislava, home to our CX delivery center and the capital of Slovakia, is set along the Danube River bordering both Austria and Hungary. One of the smaller capital cities of Europe, Bratislava still boasts numerous universities, museums, theaters, galleries and other cultural and educational institutions. Slovakia consistently has high levels of GDP growth in comparison with other EU nations.

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Biel, Switzerland


With a highly educated workforce and an excellent standard of living, Switzerland is an attractive destination with four national languages, German, French, Italian and Romansh. Our center is located in Biel, a town that is highly bilingual given its location on the language boundary between the French-speaking and German-speaking parts of the country.

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