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TELUS International employees sitting on a couch socializing at the Tampere office.


Known for its political transparency, economic stability and social progressiveness, Finland has been named the happiest country six times in a row by the World Happiness Report.

The nation is well-regarded for its culture of innovation and serves as the birthplace of inventions like the heart rate monitor, texting, ice skates and saunas. Innovation is also the core of what we do at TELUS International. Our team of experts are enhancing the world’s data to enable better AI through human intelligence. Working with a wide array of companies to test and improve machine learning models, we’ve supported advancements in smart products, improved search results, expanded speech recognition, developed more human-like bot interactions and more.

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  • Employees socializing at Tampere office location.
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Our facilities

Our facility is located in the city of Tampere, home to the most active start-up community in Finland.

In keeping with the Finnish aesthetic, our site highlights nature’s beauty with wood accents, natural materials and a vibrant color palette. The space also offers several open areas for team members to collaborate, socialize and refresh.

TELUS International employees sitting in cubbies at the Tampere office.

Business benefits

We strive to enhance the world's data to enable better AI through human intelligence.

Strong technology focus

With its well-established reputation for innovation and technology, Finland is home to many successful tech companies, particularly in sectors such as information technology, telecommunications, clean technology and games.

Top talent

Finland boasts a highly educated and skilled workforce. The country’s school system consistently ranks among the top in the world. As a result, Finnish workers are known for their expertise, adaptability and language proficiency.

Well-developed infrastructure

Finland has a modern infrastructure, including advanced transportation networks, a reliable power supply and excellent digital connectivity. The country has invested heavily to ensure efficient and reliable business operations.

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TELUS International Finland


Visiokatu 1 33720 Tampere, Finland

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