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Known for having “the gift of the gab,” Irish charm is far from the only reason Ireland is such an attractive CX destination for global companies.

With locations in both Dublin and Cork, TELUS International offers state-of-the-art CX centers to support any stage of customer growth. Considered a multicultural cosmopolitan, Dublin is home to numerous global tech companies and EMEA regional headquarters. Likewise, Cork, a university city, offers a large graduate labor pool to meet client demands. For brands that need to quickly scale their CX operations, both locations can support numerous language requirements with short hiring windows.

We're always looking for talented individuals to join our family.

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Virtual Site Tour: Europe

Filmed at our CX and IT delivery centers in Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ireland, we invite you to take a tour of our best-in-class operations. Serving customers in 50+ languages, we work hard to maintain our thriving culture focused on putting both employees and customers first. See how and why it’s different here at TELUS International Europe!

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Our Facilities

Our locations in Dublin and Cork are a tremendous reflection of our people and culture - colorful and fun while getting the job done.

Our offices are home to numerous fast-growing tech brands who have come to us to scale their CX operations. With end-to-end service delivery from start-up to scale-up, our offices have the perfect space and vibe to emulate your brand. And our people cannot imagine working anywhere else. Come see for yourself and experience the warmth and expertise that our Irish team mates have to offer.

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Business Benefits

Besides its lush greenery and rolling hills (it didn’t get named the Emerald Isle for nothing), Ireland is a go-to destination for outsourcing premium customer experience.

Unique position within the EU

Ireland is the only English-speaking country within the Eurozone, making it an attractive destination for companies moving into Europe. Working within a Eurozone member state also ensures that companies are not exposed to currency fluctuations when trading in the Eurosystem.

Highly diversified workforce

Thanks to Ireland’s free education system, the country boasts a talented pool of highly-qualified workers. With the ability for European citizens to move freely within the EU to live and work, Ireland has also developed a diverse, multinational workforce.

Internationally recognized tech hub

Ireland has become world-renowned for being a center of technology excellence. Both Dublin and Cork have attracted some of the world’s top tech companies including Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Dell, EMC and Apple for their European headquarters. Hosting these tech giants has resulted in a richly innovative and dynamic tech scene in the country.

Ease of doing business

Ireland enjoys an enviable reputation as a business-friendly location due to its supportive state agencies, political stability, strong legal framework, and collaborative ecosystem where industry and academics work together to benefit society and the economy.

Where to find us

TELUS International


Mahon Crescent, Cork, Ireland

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TELUS International


Level 3, Point Village, East Wall Road, Dublin 1, Ireland

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