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An aerial view of Casablanca, Morocco.


Morocco provides a mature outsourcing environment that is ideal for customer experience, trust and safety and AI data delivery capabilities.

The north-African nation is an attractive location for brands looking to access a multilingual workforce, optimize efficiencies and provide quality support to their customers. Casablanca in particular ranks as one of the top cities in Africa to do business according to the Statista Global Business Cities Report.

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An aerial view of the Casablanca coast in Morocco.

Business Benefits

Morocco has experienced significant growth and investment in recent years. The resulting infrastructure, skilled workforce and economic advantages make it easy to see why leading brands are selecting the country as an offshore and nearshore destination.

Highly-skilled workforce

With a government emphasis on education, the Moroccan workforce is made up of qualified, digital natives who are experienced in customer service and other related fields.

Rich linguistic diversity

Morocco boasts high bilingual and multilingual rates, making it an ideal location for brands that support customers in multiple languages.


The country's accessible talent pool, cost effectiveness and modern infrastructure are well-suited for scaling operations.

Favorable time zones

Close to Europe and its major capital cities, Morocco’s time zone makes it easy to support and collaborate with organizations and customers.

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