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Thanks to its multilingual talent and cultural proximity to Western Europe, Romania has been climbing in the outsourcing rankings for both European and North American companies.

TELUS International has three sites across the country - two in Bucharest, the capital city, and one in Craiova, a growing IT tech hub. Like several brands locating to the country, TELUS International and its clients benefit from Romania’s strong business and IT skills, lower costs, diverse culture and languages, and political and economic stability. Further, its capital, Bucharest, has been nicknamed “Little Paris” to reflect its elegant architecture and cultural sophistication, making it an ideal place to live, work and visit.

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Virtual Site Tour: Europe

Filmed at our CX and IT delivery centers in Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ireland, we invite you to take a tour of our best-in-class operations. Serving customers in 50+ languages, we work hard to maintain our thriving culture focused on putting both employees and customers first. See how and why it’s different here at TELUS International Europe!

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Our Facilities

When it comes to visiting TELUS International Europe, our Bucharest offices at AFI Park offer some of the most convenient and unique workspaces around - easily accessible in a bustling location.

In 2016 we were considered “the most innovative office in Romania” by CBRE & Skanska, and in 2018 we were named “Best Workplace” at the Romania Outsourcing and Shared Services Awards. Our centers are designed to meet the dynamic needs of our team members and our clients with unique features not typical of most offices. From an impressive recruitment center to games rooms to relax areas to even a huge fish tank, there’s always colorful visuals to both inspire and engage.

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Business Benefits

With more global companies opening headquarters and offices in the country, Romania continues to hold its strong position on the world stage as an outsourcing destination for both CX and DX solutions.

Talented labor pool

The country’s size and population (almost 20 million), provides a robust pipeline of talent from its network of universities. Further, the diverse linguistic profile makes Romania especially attractive for customer-facing BPO operations, while a large pool of IT professionals ensure best-in-class digital solutions.

Established infrastructure

The country’s capital, Bucharest, is a preferred BPO location with many established brands calling it home. With strong infrastructure and fast development, the country also boasts some of the fastest Internet speeds in the world, especially in the capital.

Proximity advantage

As the largest market in South Eastern Europe and the second largest market in Central and Eastern Europe, Romania is easily accessible via both travel and time zones. This also means significant ethnic diversity to meet the cultural nuances of global markets. An estimated 12% of the population consists of more than 20 different minorities.

Caring culture

Doing well in business means doing “good” in your community. In Romania, our team members dedicate their hearts and hands on a regular basis renovating schools and community centers for young children. Giving back keeps our team members engaged while investing in future generations - right in our own backyard.

Where to find us

TELUS International


Strada Nicolae Titulescu 2, 500010 Brașov, Romania

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AFI Park 3


Vasile Milea boulevard Number 4G 6th District, Bucharest, RO-B 061344, Romania

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AFI Park 4 & 5


Vasile Milea boulevard Number 4E 6th District, Bucharest, RO-B 061344, Romania

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TELUS International


Blvd Basarabia 256, Sector 3, 030352 Bucharest, Romania

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TELUS International


Romtelecom Building 13, Tineretului Street Craiova, RO-B 200411, Romania

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