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Barcelona, a cultural capital of the world, is Spain’s largest economic center, powered by the service industry.

Barcelona is considered the backbone of the Catalonian economy - and has a huge role in Spain’s overall economic health. Nearly 20% of new businesses created every year in the country are based in Catalonia. Much of Spain’s working-class speak the country’s official languages in addition to English and a wealth of other European languages.

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Our Facilities

Barcelona is famous for its impressive history, culture, fantastic architecture and interesting people. And our 1000+ team members are no exception.

The city is also becoming one of Europe’s hottest tech hubs with the ability to attract highly educated tech talent. In fact, the Barcelona lifestyle is considered so attractive, that it’s not hard to convince talent from all over the world to relocate to the city.

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Business Benefits

Spain’s cultural prominence and economic growth is attracting workers from all over Europe and businesses from across the globe.

Infrastructure and ease of scalability

When it comes to office rent, energy and costs for telecommunications, Spain is a very attractive option. In fact, Barcelona is one of the top-ten European cities in terms of the availability of affordable office space.

Strong service sector

Spain is heavily rooted in the service sector with over 67% of their GDP coming from the industry in recent years. This is supported by a multilingual workforce where virtually all primary school pupils have learned English as a foreign language.

Affordable, skilled workers

Companies can find very talented workers for extremely reasonable rates. The strong talent pool makes Barcelona a very competitive European city.

Cultural center

Barcelona is a cultural center - the most visited city in Spain and one of the most visited in Europe! Not only does its rich heritage and architectural works attract tourists, but workers and businesses alike.

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