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With customer experience centers in Nevada and South Carolina, we offer some of the best English and Spanish-speaking talent around, and they are ready to meet your digital and CX needs.

Our Las Vegas, NV site alone has over 1,000 seats and 100,000 sq. ft. of contact center space, making it the ideal location to expand your onshore support needs. Likewise, our North Charleston, SC site features modern and spacious workspaces designed to inspire digital and CX innovation. For those looking to locate their operations in Canada, please contact us to discuss further.

We're always looking for talented individuals to join our family.

We're always looking for talented individuals to join our family.

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Our Facilities

At TELUS International, we’re all about cool spaces to inspire team engagement and foster a sense of pride in delivering quality results.

In fact, our Vegas site was once a large retail store, which explains its open concept, high ceilings and abundant light. Our North Charleston site features an ideal blend of individual and collaborative workspaces. Both of our sites offer a full range of amenities — cafeterias, coffee shops, on-site fitness facilities and more — for camaraderie and creativity.

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Business Benefits

Our onshore centers provide the perfect location for customer care, technical support and sales support services — including premium care and digital CX solutions

Easily accessible

Regardless of location, all of our sites are easily accessible from nearby airports including McCarran International in Vegas (11 miles away) and Charleston International near our North Charleston location (12 miles away).

Robust infrastructure

Vegas is a main U.S. data hub and home to some of the most advanced tech infrastructure in the country due to its low risk of natural disasters and central geography.

Strong talent pool

Both locations are supported by large talent pools of English and Spanish-speaking candidates, seasoned CX professionals and/or recent graduates from leading colleges and universities.

Onshore advantages

For many clients, our U.S. sites offer the ideal onshore location for pilot programs and proof of concept trials. And for companies that have regulatory or other requirements, our sites can meet onshore geographic and/or data sensitivity mandates.

Where to find us

TELUS International (U.S.) Corp., Las Vegas

2251 South Decatur Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada
USA 89102

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TELUS International, North Charleston

3450 Ingleside Blvd
Ladson, South Carolina
USA 29456

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