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TELUS International becoming TELUS Digital Experience

Press ReleaseJune 13, 2024


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  • The new digital brand underscores the organization’s evolution and expertise in AI and GenAI solutions, working as a transformation partner for digital customer experience (CX), AI data solutions, trust and safety and more

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (June 13, 2024) TELUS International (NYSE and TSX: TIXT), a leading digital customer experience (CX) innovator that designs, builds and delivers next-generation solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI) and content moderation, today announced it is rebranding to TELUS Digital Experience. The rebrand, expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2024, reflects the company’s evolved business strategy to become the AI-fueled CX partner of choice for global and disruptive brands and fortifies its role as a forward-thinking industry leader focused on continued technological advancement and innovation.

“This is an important day for our team members around the world as we announce the next chapter of our journey with our rebranding to TELUS Digital Experience. Our new brand will showcase our focus on delivering innovative and human-aligned AI outcomes and exceptional experiences for our customers and partners, globally,” said TELUS President and CEO, and TELUS International Board Chair, Darren Entwistle. “Progressing from TELUS International to TELUS Digital Experience enables us to continue building on the significant strength, global recognition and momentum of our TELUS brand, while better reflecting our capabilities as a leading end-to-end digital transformation partner. Indeed, this evolution reinforces our team’s long-standing commitment to helping our clients meet the dynamic needs of their customers when, where and how they want to be served, bringing together the power of digital transformation and AI with the realization of human potential.”

TELUS International becoming TELUS Digital Experience

The TELUS Digital Experience rebranding underscores the company’s expertise in AI and GenAI solutions, which includes the creation of intellectual property and the ongoing development of proprietary software, tools and platforms spanning the digital continuum. This includes GenAI Jumpstart accelerator engagements that deliver virtual assistant prototypes in eight weeks; Fuel iX, an enterprise-grade AI engine; and its AI Data Platform, featuring Fine-Tune Studio and Experts Engine, that optimizes multimodal, multi-language workflows as well as dataset creation, collection, enhancement, training and translation processes for complex AI use cases. The rebrand is also an acknowledgement of the company’s progress in further expanding its highly-curated technology partner ecosystem to strengthen its agile vendor-agnostic approach that aligns with today’s client requirements.

“The TELUS Digital Experience brand embodies our company’s advanced technology and capabilities, and the exceptional talent, knowledge and skills of our global team. Our evolved market presence also aligns with our sustained focus on meeting our clients’ complex, end-to-end digital requirements, a standard we have maintained for the past two decades,” said Jeff Puritt, President and CEO of TELUS International. “As significant technology advancements continue to fuel unprecedented use cases, companies are sprinting to capitalize on the seemingly limitless potential. The new TELUS Digital Experience brand is in sync with this paradigm shift and represents our commitment to continue working in a responsible manner to maintain strong governance principles and ethical standards that foster diversity and inclusivity, and proactively mitigate the broader impacts of AI on individuals and communities worldwide.”

TELUS Digital Experience will continue to offer its clients best-in-class, end-to-end digital CX and digital transformation experiences. The rebrand will not include a change to the company’s legal name or trading symbol (TIXT). To learn more about our new brand or connect about our existing scope of services, please visit us at: https://telusdigital.com/rebrand

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