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TELUS International Named a Leader in Everest Group’s Inaugural PEAK Matrix® Assessment for Data Annotation and Labeling Services for AI / ML

Press ReleaseMarch 15, 2024


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  • Analysts highlight company’s platform-first approach to data labeling and ability to handle complex use cases

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (March 15, 2024) TELUS International (NYSE and TSX: TIXT), a leading digital customer experience (CX) innovator that designs, builds, and delivers next-generation solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI) and content moderation, for global and disruptive brands, has been named a Leader by global research and advisory firm Everest Group in its PEAK Matrix® for Data Annotation and Labeling Services for AI / Machine Learning (ML) report.

“TELUS International excels as a top tier, global provider uniquely positioned to meet the dynamic needs and more complex demands of today’s customers, and we are honored to be named a Leader in Everest Group’s inaugural PEAK Matrix for Data Annotation and Labeling for AI and Machine Learning,” said Jeff Puritt, President and CEO, TELUS International. “This recognition is a true testament to our team’s expertise, dedication and innovative spirit to ensure our clients are driving heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty and achieving a first-to-market advantage with their products and solutions to ultimately propel accelerated business growth.”

The widespread adoption of generative AI has revolutionized all industries, resulting in a surge of intricate and highly-customized use cases. This underscores the demand for global providers with specialized expertise and technology that can swiftly, responsibly and cost-effectively deliver high-quality training datasets at scale to support the development of advanced foundation models.

TELUS International was one of only five providers recognized as a Leader in Everest Group’s inaugural report assessed during the time period of January 2022-June 2023. PEAK Matrix assessments are based on market impact and vision, and capabilities. Leaders were selected based on their strong vision toward solving data challenges to help their clients accelerate AI development.

"TELUS International has a strong focus on building platforms to strengthen their annotation and labeling capabilities, with the latest one supporting pre-training and fine tuning of generative AI models. Its robust innovation push, coupled with strong technical expertise in managing complex use cases has helped the company emerge as a Leader in Data Annotation and Labeling (DAL) Solutions PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024,” said Arpit Mehra, Practice Director, Everest Group.

The Everest Group report specifically highlighted TELUS International’s platform-first approach and ability to undertake complex use cases across different data types and modalities, including image, text, video, audio, LiDAR, geospatial and computer vision. Additionally, analysts noted TELUS International’s robust proprietary AI Data Platform, highlighting its numerous AI and ML-assisted features, automated quality assurance (QA) workflows for increased accuracy, efficiency and speed, and its fully-managed, tech-enabled experts-on-demand sourcing solution, Experts Engine. The latter algorithmically matches human expertise to tasks such as data creation, collection, annotation and validation to provide high-quality training datasets at scale for foundation models, including large language models (LLMs).

TELUS International has over 17 years of experience in the AI industry based on strategic acquisitions, investments in organic growth initiatives and focused talent recruitment to establish its AI Data Solutions division. The company’s strong technology infrastructure and capabilities enables it to agilely evolve its AI offerings in line with ongoing market shifts and client demands. Through its industry-leading AI Data Platform, TELUS International manages all aspects of its global crowdsourced AI Community of 1.2 million participants.

To learn more about TELUS International’s leading, end-to-end AI Data Solutions, visit telusinternational.com/ai-data .

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