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Headshot of Dan Kiely, Co-founder & CEO of Voxpro

Dan Kiely

Strategic Advisor

As co-founder and former CEO of Voxpro (now TELUS International as of December 2, 2019), I am proud to continue to be part of the global TELUS International family, providing premium beautiful customer experiences, technical support and sales operations solutions to the disruptive technology market.

Using my entrepreneurial passion and creativity, I aim to dream big and encourage innovation in all aspects of the company. My vision as part of the TELUS International family is to create something unique and unforgettable - and continue to touch the lives of millions of people every year, all over the world.

Our growing partner list includes some of the most powerful and innovative technology companies. These client partners are a source of inspiration and continue to propel us forward on this exciting and successful journey.

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