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The Effortless CX Summit: Insights from customer experience leaders

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We all know the pains of high-effort customer experiences, like having to contact a company more than once, receiving generic service that doesn’t really address your question, needing to repeat information over and over, being transferred from one department to another, and so on.

All of this extra customer effort can cost a company greatly. In fact, Gartner explored the interactions between hundreds of customer service organizations and 97,000 customers and found that the majority of customers (96%) who had high-effort experiences reported being disloyal, compared to only 9% of customers with low-effort experiences.

That’s a lot of disloyal customers testing if the grass is greener somewhere else!

With effort top of mind in the industry, TELUS International recently brought together customer experience (CX) leaders to share their insights at the Effortless CX Summit. The inaugural event took place at the Minna Gallery in San Francisco, a unique venue where guests were able to enjoy both artwork and CX expertise.

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Speakers included Brendan Driscoll, head of growth at Bird, Alon Mor, head of customer solutions at, Christine Rimer, VP product marketing & customer advocacy at SurveyMonkey, Marlene Summers, VP customer support at Zuora, Ashwin Cheriyan, CEO at Thistle, and Maritza Dominguez, risk operations at Patreon.

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Several themes emerged throughout the day, but there was one consistent message: Customer effort starts from within the organization. We all want to create a customer-centric culture but in order for that to happen, employees actually need to talk to customers. SurveyMonkey’s Christine Rimer shared a best practice for her organization, where each employee is required to create a customer interaction report on a regular basis - not necessarily to be actioned and solved - but to help create a customer mindset within the company.

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Likewise, in the competitive food delivery market, Thistle CEO, Aswhin Cheriyan, shared the importance of using data to anticipate problems before they arise, and mobilizing that data to make swift operational changes, product and engineering improvements, and culinary enhancements.

Having grown over 1,000% in the past three years, Thistle took inspiration from other direct-to-consumer companies like Zappos, Apple and Warby Parker, all of which have invested heavily in great support. As he described, it starts by investing in CX at the onset to proactively solve problems before your customers are even aware.

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These insights are only the beginning. We’ve put together a handy e-book - The Art of Effortless - showcasing how five great companies - Thistle, Patreon, Noa, Zuora and Wix - strive to remove friction from the customer journey.

Read, enjoy and share! And, if you’re looking for ways to address customer effort in your own CX journeys, we can help. Get in touch to talk to one of our CX experts today.

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