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Google Cloud and TELUS International: From the Inside Out (and how Work Anywhere came to be)

Effortless, real-time and intuitive interactions are key attributes of connecting in the digital age. In the business world, this often translates to finding ways to enable synergies between people and technology, which can be a significant game-changer by helping teams break out of siloed geographical or team function constraints to ensure business needs are met, regardless of where and with whom the expertise lies.

“We have been long-time users of Google Cloud, using it internally to keep our global team connected and engaged across our sites around the world since 2011,” said Michael Ringman, CIO, TELUS International. “By enabling collaboration and driving productivity, the Google Cloud platform has helped us achieve exponential growth, fostered our caring culture and powered the delivery of many of our customer and digital experience solutions for our clients.”

Facing new challenges

Over the years, TELUS International has evolved significantly, requiring innovative and agile solutions supported by the right people, processes and technology. But never has there been a greater need for business plans and models to evolve than due to the global outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which has sparked unforeseen business challenges, including the need to rapidly enable remote work for entire workforces.

“In order to protect the health of our team members while ensuring business continuity, we had to quickly and securely transition and remain actively engaged with thousands of our team members in a work- from-home model. Through the support of Google Cloud technology, we were able to rapidly shift from brick-and-mortar environments to cloud-enabled virtual workstations while continuing to support our clients and customers,” said Jim Radzicki, CTO, TELUS International.

Sharing the expertise

Cloud technology can provide immense value and long-term benefits to organizations of all sizes and across all verticals, and it has proven to be more important than ever during these trying times. (Also see: How Google Meet supports 2 million new users per day.)

The strength of Google Cloud’s performance internally led to TELUS International’s decision to use the technology to power its recently launched, TELUS International Work Anywhere. The pure-cloud, omnichannel solution enables rapid, remote work deployment and its customizable format offers brands the ability to connect, enable, and engage with their customers on or off site, anywhere in the world.

Work Anywhere

Staying connected to your customers is key to business continuity, but it can be a challenge in today’s changing economy. Our work-at-home / Work Anywhere solution removes barriers, enabling your team to work anytime and anywhere to deliver high-tech, high-touch CX support.


Work Anywhere is part of TELUS International’s cloud-based contact center portfolio, which hosts centralized information and tools for the CX workforce. It seamlessly facilitates customer interactions to go from chat, email, voice and any other enabled communication channel, allowing agents to consistently deliver a seamless experience.

The cloud also helps brands respond quickly to customer preferences such as the channels they like to use, including SMS messaging or social media direct messages. This similarly applies to software updates that can be automatically pushed to an agent’s virtual workstation, eliminating unnecessary downtime and improving the speed to deploy new CX solutions.


The investment in a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is critical to creating a seamless work from home experience for employees and further enhancing the “connect” element of a remote CX workforce. A VDI allows brands to securely connect employees to their work from any device (including mobile phones and tablets) wherever there is a secure internet connection.

Brands can benefit from VDI in a wide variety of scenarios. Whether a team member needs to simply log in from home or if an organization is dealing with a national emergency, being able to provide safe and reliable access to remote desktops is essential for all types of businesses.


Last but certainly not least, Work Anywhere includes a full suite of solutions to keep entire workforces engaged through virtual learning, coaching and workforce management capabilities to support the development of team members. Recruiting and hiring can also be 100% remote by leveraging the cloud. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, TELUS International established a new digital recruitment model that moves a candidate from application to training within a 125-minute timeframe.

“We have already deployed the Work Anywhere platform among our team members who support existing clients, and we are seeing consistent and in some cases, higher KPIs than on-premise CX delivery. This is a testament to the strength of the solution which is driving our client’s success in the market during and beyond times of crisis,” concluded Radzicki.

Whether leveraging innovation and scaling opportunities, or requiring talent acquisition or coaching capabilities, cloud-enabled technologies can strengthen business continuity while keeping team members engaged and customers happy - from anywhere.

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