Infographic: The importance of employee engagement

There is no shortage of research on the importance of employee engagement. Firms like Gallup, Aon Hewitt, Forrester and others have clearly demonstrated the business opportunities available to firms that successfully engage their employees – and the potential peril of those who favor more transactional management and short-term incentives.

Most of the research, however, focuses on the benefits to the company when employees are engaged. In the customer service industry, we know that it’s all about engaging the individual, so we combed the research for individual impacts. In other words, we wanted to know how engaged employees behave differently than disengaged employees.

Impacts of engagement on Gen Y – reducing attrition and turnover

In the business process outsourcing industry, engaging employees is especially critical. As we’ve outlined in a recent framework with Frost & Sullivan, we can demonstrate a direct correlation between corporate culture and a highly engaged workforce.

In other words, we wanted to know how engaged employees behave differently than disengaged employees.

A highly engaged workforce (increasingly Gen Y) demonstrates significantly lower attrition (turnover), which results in higher customer satisfaction. The end result: satisfied, loyal customers that fuel top-line growth for our clients.

Check out our infographic below for more on the importance of employee engagement. You can also download a PDF version of the infographic here.

The risk of ignoring employee engagement infographic_FINAL

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Aside from the incentives that we get when we hit our metrics, the account has a lot of great people to work with! They're nice and approachable. We're all getting the help that we need. It is really different here, compared with the previous company I used to work with. I’m proud to say that.

Katherine, chat agent

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