How Dropbox Converts Freemium Users Into Premium Payers

CX Best Practices

(Previously recorded as Voxpro - powered by TELUS International) The freemium model is a particularly interesting one, as it requires a very specialised form of customer and user experience in order to turn users of the free version of your product into paying customers with lifetime value.

Dropbox has mastered this model and managed to turn it in to a powerful SaaS growth tactic – the company has also managed to thrive in a market that has become fiercely competitive over the last number of years, and found a very clever way of substantially growing its non-freemium Dropbox Business products.

Our guest for this episode is Adrienne Gormley – VP of Global Customer Experience for Dropbox. We talk about:

  • establishing ‘listening posts’ to hear the customers’ perspective
  • the Dropbox philosophy of making sure education arrives in the moment of need
  • how to best use bots in CX
  • the challenge of getting freemium users to invest in premium features
  • competing with cheaper and bundled products
  • how tech companies can win the battle for talent

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