How Zappos Made Customers Fall in Love With its Brand

CX Best Practices

(Previously recorded as Voxpro - powered by TELUS International) The words ‘Zappos’ and ‘incredible customer experience’ often appear in the same sentence. At a time when most companies viewed CX as a costly problem, Zappos saw an opportunity to make customers fall in love with its brand, and made it happen on a grand scale. How exactly did Zappos do it? Ameen Kazerouni, Zappos’ Lead Data Scientist, reveals all to TELUS International Studios.

In this episode, Ameen also talks about:

  • The payback of training all employees as customer agents
  • Applying machine learning and algorithms to the customer experience
  • How getting personalization right can be about knowing when not to personalize
  • The versatility of machine learning and how smaller enterprises can utilize it
  • The importance of reading a customer through emotional intelligence
  • How AI can help drive innovation and solve new problems

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