Work From Home Series: 6 Biggest WFH Mistakes to Avoid

CX Best Practices

(Previously recorded as Voxpro - powered by TELUS International) As we all embark on this unprecedented time of uncertainty, businesses and employees have had to adapt to new practices at the drop of a dime.

Many of us are now working from home as a long-term solution for the very first time. It’s tempting to wake up in the morning and check your emails from the comfort of your bed, but it might not be the best way to optimise your own WFH potential.

On this episode, CNBC thought leader, VP of Innovation at Massive Alliance, and 10-year WFH veteran Tom Popomaronis shares 6 tips for employees newly adjusting to working from home.

The Work From Home podcast series will include in-depth interviews about working from home and the Future of Work. Each episode will offer something different, guidance for employees, best practices for companies looking to maintain company culture remotely, what this means for us all moving forward, and insights from CX leaders navigating uncharted waters.

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