How this Audio Startup Relies on Effortless CX to Share News

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(Previously recorded as Voxpro - powered by TELUS International) Noa – or News Over Audio – is a Dublin-based startup working with major publishers like Bloomberg, The New York Times and The Financial Times to enable users to listen to written articles on a wide range of topics while on the go.

Established in 2015, the idea for Noa was conceived through a recognition by its founders that time-constrained professionals wanted to receive news in a more effortless and curated way. Today, Noa is delivering audio journalism to the kind of customers that Audible once termed those whose eyes are busy but whose minds are free.

At a time when digital audio is booming, Noa co-founder and CEO Gareth Hickey joins us in studio to discuss partnering with premium publishers to make their news stories more accessible, the shift towards consuming content through audio and the rise of voice-activated devices.

In this episode, Gareth also talks about:

  • How engagement times for audio journalism are trumping those of text-based content
  • The onboarding experience with partners
  • Coupling curation with narration
  • Compromising user interface in favour of user experience
  • Moving users from freemium to premium
  • The importance of mapping the customer journey in delivering exceptional CX

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