A reason to celebrate! TELUS International recognized by Chief Learning Officer magazine

Posted April 7, 2016

By Michelle Braden, Global Director, Learning & Development

Having a strong learning and development (L&D) strategy within your organization is critical for multiple reasons.

The most obvious is that you want your employees to be able to do the job you hired them to do, and to do it correctly. But employee performance is not the only positive outcome from embracing a corporate learning culture.

Benefits of a strong L&D strategy

With an estimated 60% of Millennials leaving their organization in less than three years, it’s important that a company puts its best foot forward to woo and retain employees. And what exactly is the number one perk Millennials seek when evaluating prospective employers? A study by Grovo revealed “training and development” as the top consideration.

Learning and development also has the capacity to drive employee engagement. Investing in an employee’s professional development can have a cyclical effect, resulting in their greater personal investment in the company. Almost like an “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” mentality.

And of course, L&D can have a positive impact on the bottom line. As Josh Bersin revealed in his Forbes article on Corporate Training, high performing companies spend more on their L&D strategy per employee, once again proving that an investment in L&D pays off.

LearningElite award winners

At TELUS International, we understand the importance of a strong Learning and Development program. Investing in our team members is an integral part of our culture and we’ve seen the benefits first-hand. Our high employee engagement scores (80% – one of the highest in our industry) and low attrition rates (50% below the industry average) can be attributed in part to our emphasis on the growth and development of our team members.

Celebrating success is also an important part of our culture and we are proud to report that our L&D efforts were recently honored by Chief Learning Officer magazine’s LearningElite program. This robust, peer-reviewed ranking and benchmarking program acknowledges organizations employing exemplary workforce development strategies and delivering significant business results. Thanks to our exceptional performance in the learning strategy, leadership commitment, and learning impact categories, TELUS International received a bronze band placement, placing us in good company with the likes of Deckers Brands, Deloitte and SAP who were also recognized as winners.

Learning@TI roadmap

Our Learning@TI roadmap is one of the many reasons we were able to solidify our place in the winner’s circle. The roadmap outlines the development and continuous learning opportunities available to all team members based on their role, skills and experience. Beginning with IEvolve for all new frontline team members, moving through IAspire for developing emerging leaders, on to IExcel for managers and supervisors, and finally to ILead for senior leaders. By charting the path team members can follow to develop their personal leadership skills, it allows for continuous learning and career growth.

Learning@TI roadmap
Learning@TI roadmap

Together with our Coaching for Excellence program, TELUS International University, and other innovative L&D programs, we are able to provide our team members with the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. And in turn, our team members reward us and our clients with hard work and impressive results each and every day. The benefits of our strong L&D strategy are certainly wide reaching and plentiful – winning an award is just an added bonus.

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Did you know?

Using virtual training, technology and avatars, agent knowledge and retention increased by up to 40% (results from a client program launch at TELUS International Central America).

Team member quote

I come to work happy and excited to be here because I know I am making a difference while developing my skills, and that's something I am very proud of. This is more than just a job for me. I believe this could be a career to propel my future to new and exciting things. I'm proud to be a member of the [TELUS International] U.S. family.

Sidney, customer service representative