Image of Christopher Bray, chief revenue officer at Aura, depicting text that reads "Three ways Aura is using CX to stand out from the pack"

Three ways Aura is using CX to stand out from the pack

"Every seven seconds, someone is the victim of identity theft or fraud, and they [lost] about $3.3 billion in fraud in 2020. That was an 80% increase from 2019," estimates Christopher Bray, chief revenue officer at Aura.

The digital security firm has a robust suite of solutions including end-to-end fraud and identify theft protection, but the thing that truly sets it apart is its approach to customer service: empathic support in emergencies, a transparent pricing model and an impressive offer of $1 million in identify theft insurance coverage.

On our most recent episode of TELUS International Studios, we caught up with Bray, who shared some of the company's best practices that helped it gain the attention of high profile investors like Jeffery Katzenberg and Sujay Jaswa.

A technical litmus test

Serving as a trusted digital security provider means breaking down overly technical language for customers, Bray explains:

"I think one of the things that the industry has been guilty of over the years is they've expected customers to be technical experts. But any bit of consumer research, you'll find that your average consumer doesn't know what the difference is between a firewall and an antivirus solution, and why should they? You know, that should really be our job to say, hey, listen, we've got your back and we've got a solution that takes care of it all for you."

By replacing overly complex jargon with simple terms, Aura is able to build a greater degree of trust and rapport with their customers. As Bray explains, he approaches every customer engagement as he would with his mother-in-law:

"I think my perfect litmus test for a consumer is my mother-in-law who is just not technical in the least bit. She does not understand how complex and pervasive the threats are, but she does know that they're out there and she does appreciate a solution that basically takes care of it for her. And if she wants to learn more about it, it is there. But at the end of the day, it keeps her protected. And that's really the bulk of the consumers out there. As I said earlier, we don't expect them to be technical or security experts. All we need them to do is to install and use the product and have that peace of mind that they're protected proactively as well as reactively."

Empathetic customer service

Having your identity or personal information stolen or compromised can be an extremely scary and emotional experience. For that reason, Bray explains that Aura's empathetic customer experience is meant to help customers remain calm and feel assured that team is there to help:

"We take great pride in our customer service. It's U.S. based and its got some of the highest [Net Promoter Scores (NPS)] in the industry. If we're talking about just the identity component of our solutions, there are plenty of pure identity play companies out there. What differentiates you in that space is the effectiveness of your customer care. So when something really goes sideways and you need help, you need to be able to access someone quickly who can then guide you through the process, hold your hand and handle that remediation process as effectively and empathetically as possible. And that's reflected in our NPS numbers. It's also reflected in our reviews and it's something we take great pride in."



Building trust with transparency

Transparency plays another key role in building and maintaining trust with Aura's customers. The industry is riddled with options, but as Bray explains, Aura stands out by being upfront and honest with consumers right from the start:

"One thing that this industry is notorious for, and people are pretty fed up with, is the sort of bait and switch pricing. Right. Become a subscriber. It's only 19 dollars to activate your first year of the product. And invariably they'll get automatically renewed the next year for sometimes in excess of 100 dollars. And we wanted to be really clear to differentiate ourselves from that type of approach because it's about trust.

We're handling not only people's ultrasensitive information, but we're also telling them, 'hey, we're here to protect you and we're here to treat you fairly and treat you with respect.' And doing that type of pricing strategy just flies in the face of that. So our pricing is very transparent. If you land on our website, you see our good, better, best option, and the monthly and the annual price for each one of those. And that doesn't change. You don't get a nasty surprise 12 months later where all of a sudden it's 50% more."

To hear more about Aura and their approach to thoughtful customer care, check out the latest episode of TELUS International Studios.

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