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TELUS International supports a global community of 1 million+ members who help our customers collect, enhance, train, translate and localize their content to build better AI models. Our AI Community is diverse, talented and vibrant. We welcome people of all backgrounds, capabilities and circumstances - and we remain deeply committed to fostering a fair, equal and healthy environment in which all community members can thrive.

  • Work flexibility

    Join a community that values your time and work-life balance. Our AI Community offers great scheduling flexibility to fit your exact needs and circumstances.

  • Engagement

    An active and engaged community is a better and healthier community. We will be responsive, communicate often and solicit regular feedback from our AI Community members.

  • Diversity and opportunity

    We offer access to a wide range of opportunities for people of all backgrounds. We are proudly inclusive and diverse.

  • Fair treatment and pay

    We aim to treat everyone in our community equally and with respect. We offer fair rates for all of our projects across all of our markets.

  • Excellence and integrity

    We strive to be the leader in security, confidentiality and data privacy for both our customers and our community.

  • Support

    Our job is to set you up for success. We provide the necessary information and tools to ensure you can complete your work to achieve the high standards set by our customers.

Our AI Community opportunities

AI Data annotation over an image

Data annotation jobs

By creating and annotating various types of data, you will contribute to the future of artificial intelligence with every project you complete. Common tasks include labeling objects in images, labeling words in bodies of text, labeling voice recordings and more. As a member of our AI Community, you will be thoroughly trained to handle each and every project.

Image is enriched with the transcription of visible text

Data enrichment jobs

Data enrichment is an integral part of our service offerings. As a data enrichment specialist, you will be a vital piece of the puzzle in the development of AI applications like chatbots, virtual assistants and search engines. Common tasks include transcribing images, digitizing written documents, audio transcription and more.

Online ad being rated by moderators

Online rating jobs

One of our most important tasks is the evaluation and rating of online advertisements and search engines. In this position, you will review online search results, videos, images and ads in order to improve their content and quality. Through this work, you are making a valuable contribution by expressing your opinion on the quality and content of what is currently on the web. You will play a part in improving some of the largest search engines in the world.

Online map data being tested for accuracy

Online maps and data analysis

As a maps and data analyst, you will be a vital piece of the puzzle in the development of important AI applications that rely on geographical data. By performing online research and referring to guidelines, you will determine the relevance and accuracy of online map data. Cultural, geographical, social media and current affairs knowledge are an important asset.

  • It’s remote, it’s accessible, and it’s honestly enjoyable. I love having a job I can do from home, but also one I can travel with if needed.
    TELUS International, Social Media Ad Evaluator
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