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It’s not rocket science but it is rocket fuel.

The Culture Value Chain (CVC) is a proven formula where a strong corporate culture and employee engagement equate to the ability to innovate, achieve higher customer satisfaction, and ultimately deliver stronger financial performance. It’s also the foundation of everything we deliver, including proof of our ability to replicate, sustain and even enhance your brand in an outsourced model.

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Human-centered design

Our integrated DX and CX solutions are focused on building human connections without ever losing sight of what matters most – the value of corporate culture and its impact on engagement and innovation.

The Culture Value Chain explained

A proven formula for brand engagement and business growth.

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Beliefs and behaviors that define how employees interact with each other and with customers

Team Engagement

Team Engagement

Great cultures surround employees with the things that matter, engaging them both personally and professionally

Lower attrition

Long Tenure

When people are connected to their work and to each other, they stick around to build their careers

Design thinking

Design Thinking & CX Innovation

Tenured, engaged employees take CX ownership and are capable of the design thinking required for innovation

Improved customer experience

Improved Customer Experience

Empowered, creative team members delight customers and improve metrics, driving better customer outcomes

Business growth

Business Growth

When all inputs align, sustained top-line growth follows

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The ROI of culture and engagement

The more a company’s stated values align with its real culture on the ground, the higher it drives measured team member engagement and the lower it pushes attrition. Experienced, tenured team members are then capable of the design thinking required to drive digital and CX innovation. They serve as expert brand ambassadors for your company delivering better customer outcomes. When this equation exists, business growth follows.

Client impact 1

In a one-year span, our client in the wireless space increased team member engagement by 12%. At the same time:

  • Frontline attrition decreased by 7%
  • CSAT increased by 14%
  • Company wireless revenue increased by 7%

Client impact 2

In one year, our client in the personal technology space increased team engagement by 9%. At the same time:

  • Frontline attrition decreased by 3%
  • CSAT increased 21%
  • Company revenue more than doubled YoY

Investing in people for better CX

An engaged, inspired team member is ready to own the customer experience from end to end. But it takes a real investment in people to make that a reality. Beyond the latest tools and technology, we invest in our team members and surround them with what matters most to them.

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Learning & Development

It's important for our team members to grow with us both personally and professionally. This includes access to numerous upskilling opportunities as well as onsite, subsidized university education.

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Health & Wellness

We care about the wellbeing of our workforce. Team members have access to onsite healthcare professionals, fitness facilities, and generous health benefits not only for themselves but for their extended family members as well.

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Inspiring Spaces

From themed meeting rooms to cafes to gardens to games rooms, our award-winning world-class facilities are designed to inspire innovation.

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Giving Back

Our team members want to be part of something bigger. As a result, our caring culture and TELUS Days of Giving provide numerous opportunities to give back.

  • It’s the people. I love the team that we’ve built and the culture including giving back to the community.
    Heather, TELUS International team member
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The value of a caring culture

“We give where we live” is an essential part of our caring culture. We know that our team members want to be part of something bigger. And when given the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their own communities, our proud team members reward us with their ongoing commitment and loyalty.

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    Five global community boards contribute $500,000 (U.S.) annually to local charities

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    Days of service to local communities since 2000 (includes TELUS)

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    Community projects (includes TELUS)

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