Push the boundaries of AI

We leverage cognitive AI, conversational AI, and explainable AI to enhance (vs. replace) human intelligence to support core business operations. Our efforts combine the best of human and machine intelligence, including deep learning algorithms, to solve problems and achieve more via optimized tech.

Intelligent Assistants

As the next frontier in customer experience, our intelligent bot platform supports the development of highly customizable chatbots that can handle all forms of customer interactions - from transactions to FAQs to complex human-like conversations.

Areas of Focus

Multilingual CX

Language translation solutions powered by neural machine translation and machine learning to accurately translate text messages into a desired language while learning to understand and adapt to industry-specific lingo and conversation nuances.

Visual self-service

AI-based visual self-service that can enhance the capabilities of traditional IVR by providing a digital presentation of the IVR menu system. This delivers a faster, frictionless and satisfying support experience for customers as they access the exact information through the channel or device of their choice.


The use of biometrics that leverages high-level computer algorithms to draw mathematical representation using facial characteristics to identify people in photos and videos in real-time.