Unlock new advantages

With IoT-driven intelligent automation, we help businesses realize closely connected, data-driven agile processes that drive value. This includes building smarter, more resilient supply chains or tapping into the complete potential of narrowband IoT and embedded firmware engineering to enable the proper functioning of a wide range of cellular devices and services.

Areas of Focus


Services and solutions that enable smarter homes via mobile devices, offering connectivity, comfort, safety and security to users.


The use of AI, ML and big data techniques to identify and mitigate the risk of theft and malicious attacks when devices interact and data is transferred across multiple networks.

Predictive Maintenance

Frameworks that enable the predictive abilities of IoT via smart sensors and other connected devices to warn commercial and residential owners of potential problems to prevent property damage.

Edge Computing

Ensuring greater compliance with privacy regulations for the transfer of data to a local device that is located near the IoT device or at the edge of the network. Data is transferred to the cloud post-processing, saving bandwidth and reducing costs.

Industry 4.0

Developing a network of digitally connected machines that create and share information, resulting in more efficient, productive and sustainable factories and industrial properties.