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iLabs is TELUS International’s investment in R&D where innovators, researchers and visionaries collaborate to explore emerging customer experience tech to disrupt the future.


We pioneer technological advancements to support digital transformation. Together, we can redefine the human - technology relationship to achieve more.
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Augmented Intelligence

Push the boundaries of AI: We leverage cognitive AI, conversational AI, and explainable AI to enhance (vs. replace) human intelligence to support core business operations. Our efforts combine the best of human and machine intelligence, including deep learning algorithms, to solve problems and achieve more via optimized tech.

Natural Language Processing

Remove barriers to understanding: We leverage NLP and its other utilitarian tools, such as Natural Language Generation (NLG), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), speech recognition, speech synthesis, deep learning, and semantic understanding to build solutions that can understand unstructured data and give context to speech and text in natural language.

Big Data and Analytics

The drive for meaning: Our efforts with big data analytics go beyond the conventional gathering and analysis of data for meaningful insights. We are working to integrate big data analytics into different business processes for augmented data management, decision intelligence and decision modeling.

Cloud Computing

Modernize IT: We enable organizations to consume computer resources without having to build and maintain in-house computing infrastructures. Our fully managed multi-cloud platforms can help modernize data centers and applications, streamline processes, and help develop agile and nimble enterprises. Our partnerships with leading cloud providers such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS enable us to offer highly-secure and high-performing solutions at speed and scale.

Software Defined Network

Redefine network management: SDN along with Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are redefining network management. We are helping businesses adopt SDN / NFV through a range of services that include IPs, solutions and frameworks to deliver tangible modern infrastructure benefits. We are also exploiting the various opportunities that SDN presents for network virtualization and enhancing the delivery of network-based services, IT systems and applications.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Unlock new competitive advantages: With IoT-driven intelligent automation, we help businesses realize closely connected, data-driven agile processes that drive value. This includes building smarter, more resilient supply chains or tapping into the complete potential of narrowband IoT and embedded firmware engineering to enable the proper functioning of a wide range of cellular devices and services.


Think bigger with blockchain: Our approach towards blockchain technology is beyond the conventional application in the financial sector. We are exploring the technology and its ability to ensure data transparency, speed of access, immutability, traceability, and trustworthiness to support life-altering decisions across industries like healthcare and insurance, as well as functions, such as supply chains.

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