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Our end-to-end AI Data Solutions enable the creation of high-quality datasets for the development of mapping, perception and prediction models at scale. With our computer vision experience and expertise, we can help you streamline your data pipeline for higher throughput.

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Data engineered for excellence

Leverage our state-of-the-art AI training platform and global AI Community to build high-quality training data at scale.

Advanced AI training platform

Our sophisticated platform is built to support multi-sensor data and offers cutting-edge automation powered by machine learning (ML) to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Industry-leading quality control

Quality control is integrated into every stage of the data annotation process via platform-enabled quality checks, annotator training, robust analytics and best practices followed by our dedicated QA teams.

Global AI Community

Take advantage of our diverse selection of skilled data annotation experts to reduce model bias and improve labeling accuracy for complex machine learning and computer vision models.

Privacy & security prioritization

We enforce the highest security standards at all data touchpoints and ensure regulatory compliance with GDPR, CSL, Amended APPI and CCPA.

Use cases

From advanced driver assistance systems to L5 mobility perception models, we deliver fully-managed data annotation support for diverse and complex use cases.

Lane detection

Lane detection

Autonomous vehicles are trained in numerous scenarios to accurately detect drivable areas by detecting lane lines during the daytime, in cities or highways and high-traffic areas. Our platform provides a polyline tool to support lane detection in 2D and 3D scenes.

bounding boxes around bus, cars and pedestrians on busy street to show object detection and localization

Object detection and localization

For multi-object detection and localization models, our platform offers annotation support for standard classes such as pedestrians, cyclists, cars, traffic signs, etc. We also support additional classes and attribute customization for complex mobility applications.

Bounding boxes on cars to indicate object detection and tracking

Object detection and tracking

Autonomous vehicle manufacturers collect data that spans several hours and different conditions to train advanced mapping and perception systems. Our platform's automated object interpolation and tracking capabilities significantly simplify video annotations.

Solved complex industry use cases

High-quality annotations delivered

AI Community members

Fuel your data pipeline with a continuous supply of high-quality training data

TELUS International is defining new benchmarks in data annotation to support autonomous vehicles with sophisticated ML-assisted tools, a scalable expert workforce, robust analytics and enterprise-grade platform services. With SOC-certification and state-of-the-art deep learning models that auto-anonymize images, we enforce the highest security and privacy standards at every data touchpoint.

Image Annotation

Build high-quality image datasets using data annotation tools that support 2D/3D bounding boxes, polygons, polylines, landmarks and segmentation.

icons Multi-sensor-media support

Multi-sensor/media support

icons Auto-labeling for common classes

Auto-labeling functions

icons ML-assisted segmentation

ML-assisted segmentation

icons Simplified data exchange

Simplified data exchange

icons High-threshold quality control

High-threshold quality control

Icon Robust annotation analytics

Robust annotation analytics

Image annotations

Video Annotation

Sensor collected objects of interest can be annotated using our ML-powered tools, regardless of sequence length.

Object tracking for large sequences icon

Object tracking for large sequences

Auto-tracking via interpolations

Accurate instance support

Accurate instance support

Custom class list configurations

Additional attributes per instance

Additional attributes per instance

Built-in quality control tools

Built-in quality control tools

Video annotation of cars driving on highway

Sensor Fusion

Access our best-in-class visualization and annotation infrastructure for labeling multi-sensor fusion datasets for autonomous driving.

Auto-ground detection models

Auto-ground detection models

Aggregated point cloud support

Aggregated point cloud support

Auto-detection of static objects

Auto-detection of static objects

2D & 3D object linking and tracking

2D & 3D object linking and tracking

Smart interpolation of frames

Smart interpolation of frames

Advanced quality check tools

Advanced quality check tools

Cars with bounding boxes to show image annotation

The essential guide to AI training data

Discover best practices for the sourcing, labeling and analyzing of training data from TELUS International, a leading provider of AI data solutions.

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