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In an industry with connectivity at its core, communications and media brands call on us to strengthen connections with their customers. Up the bandwidth of your customer experience (CX) operations with our extensive expertise, differentiated solutions and global team.

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Partner with an industry insider

As a subsidiary of TELUS, a world-leading communications technology company, we are uniquely placed as an industry insider, with the people, processes and technology to help communications and media brands go farther, faster.

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    Communications and media expertise

    From our own origins in the industry, and our partnerships with communications service providers (CSPs), media brands and everything in between, we bring experience that makes a difference.

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    Built-for-industry solutions

    Don't settle for a generic option. Our solutions are informed by earned communications and media expertise, and span digital CX, IT lifecycle, trust and safety and artificial intelligence (AI).

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    An award-winning team

    Offer the kind of support that keeps your customers from roaming to competitors. TELUS International has a crowded trophy cabinet thanks to our knowledgeable, empathetic and highly-engaged team.

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    Global delivery

    Support your next strategic initiative with on-call, scalable CX delivery. In 32 countries across five continents, we add the coverage you need for your key target markets.

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Our experience

Explore case studies demonstrating our communications and media partnerships in action.

Illustration of a computer monitor displaying user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, featuring a lightbulb and clouds

Mobile UX / UI design

Looking to deliver effortless self-serve experiences, our client — a large communications and information technology company — sought our expertise in redesigning their chatbot user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). With the implementation of our proprietary conversational bot platform and a custom response card, the enhanced chatbot was able to surface relevant information, connect customers to agents and monitor performance for continuous improvement.

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Photograph of two people meeting face to face, meant to portray recruitment

Talent acquisition

Without a talented team, the best intentions — and technology— can fall short. We helped a leading industry brand rapidly scale its workforce across its healthcare, ecommerce, cybersecurity and sales business units. By deploying our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution, the client was able to fulfill their requirements by 110% and reduced their time to hire.

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Illustration of a cloud hovering over a map of the world with interconnected data points

Cloud infrastructure

A large service provider of pay television and retail wireless services needed a tech foundation to underpin future success. Working together, we reimagined their operations support system (OSS) and billing support system (BSS) by configuring numerous complementary Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies. The partnership resulted in a 70% reduction in bill-cycle process time; 35% acceleration in time-to-market for new plans, new devices and eSIM activations; and a host of CX improvements.

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Illustration of two cogs symbolizing transformative partnerships

End-to-end telecom transformation

Throughout our nearly two decades supporting the communications and media industry, we've worked with TELUS Communications to drive remarkable outcomes. Together, we have generated over $6 billion in cumulative economic value across customer experience, digital and IT solutions, network design, automation and more. We're not stopping there, either: We continue to innovate and incubate effective solutions.

Illustration of a digital storefront displayed on a smartphone, accompanied by a shopping cart and bag

Digital excellence

WillowTree, a TELUS International Company, is reimagining the flagship app for a leading U.S. carrier, delivering on signature digital-first journeys like "buy online, pickup in store." What's more, as a customer care partner, TELUS International helps this same client to achieve customer satisfaction goals with telecom customer service delivery in both English and Spanish.

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Tailored solutions, one call away

To overcome challenges facing communications and media companies today, you need solutions that fit. Solutions built by a partner in the know. Solutions that have made a difference for industry-leading brands like you. Make the call for informed solutions across digital CX, IT and product innovation.

Photo of a person on the phone with an overlay showing icons that symbolize customer experience for the communications and media industry

No one likes playing phone tag

Connect your customers with the answers and products they're looking for — faster and without the headache. From five-star customer support across numerous channels to agent enablement and up-sell and cross-sell programs, we've got CX solutions to help you meet and exceed your most ambitious CX targets.

Email, chat, social media and voice channel support iconEmail, chat, social media and voice channel support
Omnichannel iconOmnichannel CX
Sales growth and retention iconSales growth and retention
Technical support iconTechnical support
Agent training and tooling iconAgent training and tooling
Photograph of person writing on a wall as is common in design thinking, with an overlay that portrays UX/UI design

What's your data plan?

Don't put your dreams on hold. Better digital experiences can be driven by your data and emerging digital technologies. With our help, brands turn their innovative ideas into new realities and improved trajectories with generative AI, data analytics and UX / UI design.

Generative AI chatbots for customers and agents iconGenerative AI chatbots for customers and agents
Digital strategy design and implementation iconDigital strategy design and implementation
Web and mobile experience iconWeb and mobile experience
Innovation and Business Intelligence (BI) support iconInnovation and Business Intelligence (BI) support
Robotic process automation (RPA) iconRobotic process automation (RPA)
Digital marketing (brand, growth and technology implementation) iconDigital marketing (brand, growth and technology implementation)
Person in front of computer displaying lines of code, with an overlay displaying a line graph

Power peak performance with digital IT

The experience you deliver to customers should be unlocked, not limited, by your technology. Communications and media brands partner with us to design, build and deliver world-class technology for their OSS, BSS and more.

Managed cloud services iconManaged cloud services
Quality assurance (QA) and testing iconQuality assurance (QA) and testing
Engineering solutions and app development iconEngineering solutions and app development
Service provisioning and fulfillment iconService provisioning and fulfillment
Billing mediation iconBilling mediation
Person interacting with smart home device, with an overlay further symbolizing interconnected smart devices

Deliver more value to your subscribers

Is it time to differentiate your offerings? Brands looking to meet evolving customer expectations and grow their customer base partner with us to bring product innovations to market. Whether you're looking to white-label proven solutions or build inventive new offerings, access to incisive communications consulting and media consulting is just one call away.

IPTV / video platform icon IPTV / video platform
Smart home automation iconSmart home automation
Subscription management iconSubscription management
Strategy consulting iconStrategy consulting
Illustration of person in a server room, with an overlay depicting a world map

Implement industry-leading infrastructure

Pair network solutions with net benefits. Our nearly two decades of industry experience can add to your competitive advantage by delivering the highest quality and performance to your customers and communities across wireless and wireline.

Network planning and design iconNetwork planning and design
Network project management office (PMO) iconNetwork project management office (PMO)
Inventory management and optimization iconInventory management and optimization
Circuit testing iconCircuit testing
Automation and digitization iconAutomation and digitization
Person on phone, with an overlay that depicts a lock, a key and other icons to symbolize security

Stop spammers and scammers

Keeping your customers safe from threats is imperative — trust us on this one. Industry brands back us to protect their customers and communities as a result of our expertise in fraud detection and prevention, content moderation and more.

Social media community management iconSocial media community management
Content moderation and ad moderation iconContent moderation and ad moderation
Fraud detection and prevention iconFraud detection and prevention
Know Your Customer (KYC) iconKnow Your Customer (KYC)

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