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Today’s communications and media companies serve large, complex customer bases with a vast array of services that require next-gen tech and ‘always on’ support. With such high expectations, CX remains a critical differentiator.

For digital CX innovation, we partner with leading telecom, cable and satellite operators, including wireline and wireless providers. And, as the global arm of TELUS, Canada’s fastest growing communications and IT company serving millions of customer connections, we know a thing or two about CX in this industry. We can enable AI-powered DX and CX solutions, innovate across digital stacks, modernize IT infrastructure, and support the testing and engineering of 5G networks for services such as IoT. We’ve already helped many of the world’s largest comms companies on their road to digital transformation.

An IT benchmarking study of 80 telecom companies worldwide found that top performers had removed redundant platforms, automated core processes and consolidated overlapping capabilities.

- McKinsey

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Multilingual CX support in over 50 languages

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Adding value to the customer journey

From Speed to Market, AI-Powered Digital Journeys and Service and Customer Effort to Platform Transformation, Process and System Efficiency and Loyalty and Amplification, we draw on our experience as Canada’s fastest growing telco serving millions of customer connections to support the journey to digital transformation.
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Preparing for the digital customer experience: Asking the right questions to turbo-charge digital transformation

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