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From customer support and digital innovation to sales growth and enhanced trust and safety, we’ll take care of your consumers.

Deliver personalized, secure omnichannel interactions with an experienced digital CX partner. TELUS International has supported leading global eCommerce platforms since 2007, deploying specialized teams who can quickly scale on vertical-specific tasks such as premium marketplace support, content moderation, dispute mediation and identity and fraud protection. Thousands of our global team members handle multilingual, multichannel support for top retail brands. This includes a proven track record managing seasonal ramping strategies.

By 2025, over half of all digital commerce experiences will leverage artificial intelligence to deliver
personalized, contextual experiences.


World-class employee engagement scores


CX support languages (500+ data annotation languages + dialects)

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Preparing for the digital customer experience: Asking the right questions to turbo-charge digital transformation

Guide the strategic digital discussions and evaluations within your organization with this workbook created in partnership with IDC.


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