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Discover our full suite of digital customer experience (CX) solutions tailored to the rapidly evolving fintech and financial services landscape.

For over 15 years, TELUS International has served the customer experience (CX) needs of global financial services and fintech brands. Our agile solutions cover the end-to-end CX value chain from customer care to virtual assistants, to trust and safety, to data analytics, cloud, automation and more. Our design, build and deliver approach is backed by the best in customer experience talent. And with strategically located CX and IT delivery centers across the globe, we support hundreds of languages with the ability to rapidly scale to meet consumer demands.

More than a third of all Financial Services respondents say that CX - specifically making the experience on their properties easy/fun/valuable - will be the primary way they seek to differentiate themselves in the next five years.

- Digital Trends in Financial Services report (700 respondents)

Multilingual CX support in over 50 languages

Countries with CX / IT delivery centers

World-class employee engagement scores


Adding value to the Fintech / Financial CX journey

We support both fintech and established financial brands put customers first by helping acquire, nurture and solidify customer relationships. From Speed to Market to Awareness and User Adoption to Low-Effort Customer Experiences and 360 Customer Analytics to Trust and Safety and Loyalty and Amplification, we optimize customer-first, best-in-cass experiences that grow customer bases.
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Financial services and the digital customer experience

Learn about trends, trust and technology in the evolving financial services industry.

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Digital Banking CX

When it comes to digital banking, disruptors are gaining massive ground with new digital offerings across the full financial services spectrum. From digital-only and mobile banking, to consumer lending and digital money management, to mobile POS, P2P lending and more, fintech startups, big tech, and nontraditional competitors are changing the game. These disruptors also promise faster, better and cheaper services backed superior customer experiences (CX). Having scaled the CX needs of numerous tech brands, we can help.

  • Taking a digital-first approach, we combine noteworthy CX with efficient automation and leading tech via AI, bots, cloud, omnichannel CX, analytics, risk & fraud detection, and more.
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Paytech CX

With the proliferation of wearables, digital wallets and embedded finance, frictionless transactions are increasingly expected by today’s consumers. And as the payment experience changes, so too must the customer experience (CX). How people pay is a branding opportunity for all paytech providers from card developers to money transfer services to digital wallet providers to payment processors. This opens the door for new and innovative tech in combination with talented professionals to deliver the best CX journeys.

  • We work with top fintech and financial services companies in paytech. Our solutions span the entire CX value chain from customer care to virtual assistants to trust and safety and more.

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Buy now, pay later: Delivering top-tier customer experience

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