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Turn CX into your greatest asset

With rising expectations, there's never been a better time for financial services and fintech brands to invest in a high-tech, high-touch customer experience (CX). Give your customers that payday feeling every day of the week with our digital CX solutions and next-gen tech.

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Privacy and information security

Widen eyes and wallet share

Industry leaders bank on our winning combination of people, processes and technology to yield emphatic results. Let's elevate customer experience for financial services and fintech.

  • Flexible scaling

    Adapt to markets, trends and customer expectations by scaling your operations with our CX specialists. On-shore, near-shore or off-shore, on-premise or remote, we've got the resources and infrastructure to deliver.

  • Industry expertise

    Brands trust our 19+ years of earned industry experience and understanding of regulatory requirements, like those detailed by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and a number of other stipulations.

  • Bullish on tech

    With the right technology, you can increase efficiency and scalability. Brands count on us to design, build and implement a range of advanced solutions like intelligent automation and omnichannel CX.

  • A committed team

    Premium customer experience shouldn't come at the expense of employee experience. Empowered by our Culture Value Chain, we've won awards for our workplace engagement, innovation and more.

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Our experience

Piggyback on what we've learned over our 19+ years of earned experience in the financial services and fintech industries. Before long, you just might need a bigger piggy bank.

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    Trust us on this one: There's nothing more important than customer trust for fintechs. That's true whether you're a wealthtech, insurtech, paytech or any other type of tech firm reinventing the world of finance. While traditional financial institutions are seen as mainstays offering stability, fintechs face a trust gap. We help brands rise to the challenge and deliver digital experiences that build loyalty and confidence.

    Bridging the trust gap
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A wealth of solutions

Since day one, we've honed sophisticated solutions that get results for financial services and fintech companies. Whether your goal is to deliver support, strengthen trust, introduce automation or build out your IT infrastructure, you can count on our team of experts.

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Customer Support; Customer Experience

Be memorable for the right reasons

Customer-centricity tends to compound in a good way, no matter where you fit in the financial services and fintech ecosystem. But for that to happen, you must attract them, engage them, and perhaps more than in any other industry, retain them. Over 40 industry incumbents and mainstays partner with us to help them do exactly that.

Email, chat, social media and voice support
VIP concierge services
Sales growth and retention
Work Anywhere and Work-from-Home CX
Omnichannel CX and personalization
Tech support and escalations
Illustration of a payment card and the front of a vault, meant to symbolize fraud prevention
Trust, Safety & Security

Offer fortified levels of protection

For good reason, our industry clients look to us to design, build and deliver their trust, safety and security operations. By combining the best mix of technology, processes and human intervention, we focus on maintaining customer trust with specialized services in fraud detection and prevention, anti-money laundering, risk, underwriting, account security and more.

Fraud detection and prevention
Proactive risk management
Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) programs
Claims and dispute management
Localized compliance
Social media community management
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CX Analytics

Give credit to the power of customer insights

The financial services and fintech industries are rich with data. But simply having and protecting customer data is not enough: We help bold brands turn data into insights, and insights into CX improvements that can be felt all along the customer journey. Learn from every interaction and retain more customers with solutions like speech and text analytics, business intelligence tools and Voice of the Customer analysis.

Digital strategy design and implementation
Customer journey mapping
360° customer analytics
Anticipatory CX
Loyalty and retention insights
Innovation and Business Intelligence (BI) support
Person looking at smartphone with an translation icon meant to symbolize automation

From cash machine to cash machine

Leading industry brands are increasingly seeing the benefits in automation. More and more often that's leading them to us. We make processes more efficient for customers and employees alike, resulting in satisfied people and impressive business results.

Self-service bots (account changes, FAQs), financial assistants and agent assist
Knowledge base development, management and maintenance
Digital customer service innovation (channel deflection, chatbot training)
Automated onboarding
Person looking at a payment card and a tablet, with security rating overlays
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Futuristic data-driven solutions for the here and now

Financial services firms are applying AI to prevent, detect and address fraud quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. With an AI Community of over 1 million members and a proprietary training platform that handles all data types across 500+ languages and dialects, we have the means to revolutionize your existing machine learning models or start new automation projects from scratch.

AI data solutions for product and solution development
Set purchase profiles for typical customer behavior to mitigate fraud
Data-backed fraud scoring using past legitimate transactions
Advanced KYC measures to match fingerprints and perform facial recognition
Illustration of a cloud storing many items related to the financial services and fintech industry
IT Lifecycle

Transform your digital operations

Introduce new levels of efficiency with digital IT solutions that increase your agility, scalability and security. Our experts have delivered significant results for brands looking to take on a digital transformation, lower IT costs, launch applications and undergo cloud migrations. If you're looking for a reliable partner capable of designing and implementing strategies that support your customer experience, look no further.

Digital transformation strategy
Quality assurance (QA) and testing
Engineering solutions and app development
Managed cloud services
IT service desk

Invest in your digital CX

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