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Secure, efficient outsourcing for financial services

Secure, efficient outsourcing for financial services

Whether you’re a fast-growing fintech or an established bank, insurance provider, credit agency, payment processor, or you provide corporate financing, our services can help you acquire, nurture and solidify customer relationships. Our teams are focused on security and compliance, including the due diligence required to meet regulations impacting your business.

TELUS International is a customer service partner to some of the most iconic financial brands in the industry. We combine strong customer interaction capabilities with state-of-the-art technology and PCI certification. Here’s what one client has to say:  “The key word is partnership. Our relationship is rich in collaboration, rich in trust and lots of energy between the companies working to put our customers first.”

– VP Operations, Financing arm of Fortune 100 company

Fintech and the customer experience

Fintech and the customer experience

No doubt fintech has been shaking up the finance industry. And customer adoption has been swift, with many fintech companies boasting hundreds of thousands of users, or more. However, launching innovative products is only half the battle. Sustaining a brand experience throughout the entire customer journey requires a different set of competencies. Discover our Fintech CX best practices.

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From multichannel to omnichannel CX

From multichannel to omnichannel CX

Omnichannel isn’t just buzzword; it’s a “must” to win over digitally savvy customers. Learn what’s needed to evolve from multichannel to omnichannel customer service with our readiness assessment checklist, created in partnership with Everest Group.

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Big banks and fintechs put customers first

Big banks and fintechs put customers first

Comparing fintechs to big financial institutions can invoke and image of David and Goliath. But rather than duking it out to the bitter end, the two are discovering they’re better friends than foes. This article shares how both are working together to innovate the customer experience.

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In every interaction we have with TELUS International, they teach us something new about delivering great support. They teach us something new about our processes and capabilities, and how they can be improved.

Director, Enterprise Support
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