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Serving some of the largest titles in the industry, we know what it takes to delight players and keep them loyal.

Studios are perpetually locked in a cutthroat battle to produce the next big thing — the best graphics, the best storytelling, the best soundtracks. And while the games themselves need to be amazing, the community and customer service surrounding them needs to be equally worthy. We help games companies earn a competitive advantage through customer service and digital enablement.

There are more than 2.3B active gamers in the world, of which 46%, or 1.1B, spend money on games. The games market reached $137.9B in 2018, with digital revenues accounting for 91% of the market.

- Newzoo, 2018 Global Games Market Report

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Customer service in gaming: How to 'pwn' at player support

Discover insights and best practices for delivering exceptional customer service from TELUS International, a leader in outsourced player support, serving some of the biggest titles in the games industry.

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