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Serving some of the largest titles and most exciting entrants, we know what it takes to delight players and keep them playing. Focus on building the best games while we deliver your loyalty-building player support.

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Empower your studio with our expertise

With more gamers and more time spent gaming, player demands are on the rise. We help studios get out in front by managing and optimizing their player support operations.

Thoughtful scaling

Over the past decade, we've scaled programs to meet the support needs of both mainstream and indie titles. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to grow, we can help.

Custom-fit CX solutions

From traditional player support to more advanced anticipatory CX, we tailor solutions to each game and/or studio.

Cultural fit

We know games and we know gamers. In fact, we aim to hire gamers to deliver player support, driving connection and empathy from the start.

Global presence

Entering new markets? We’ve got you covered. Our player experience and digital expertise spans 25+ countries of operation with CX support in over 50 languages.

Our experience

Discover how we help our clients deliver industry-leading games support to players.

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Games security

When the client began their transition from in-house to outsourced support, they looked to our Games CoE to protect their brand. This meant replicating their games culture within our sites while proactively addressing IT security and information safeguarding. Eight years later, the partnership continues to expand.

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Scaling to meet demand

To meet evolving player demands, we launched in-app support for SDK-enabled games for all mobile and tablet operating systems, as well as content moderation support. Today, thousands of tenured team members support players in multiple languages with leading KPIs and high team engagement.

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Improving processes

As the CX partner for a global social games client, we initialized a “CSAT Improvement Plan.” This included a proprietary operations guide to promote frontline response consistency, better processes to build upon program successes and increased monitoring of accuracy scores to feed into our compliance management systems.

Major games studios currently supported

Player support interactions handled in a year

Multilingual CX support languages

Games support team members around the globe

Games solutions to work smarter and play harder

While your teams build the best graphics with the best storytelling and the best soundtracks, we build your competitive advantage via player support, content moderation, analytics, digital enablement and more.

Player Support / Experience

Go for the endgame: loyalty-building support, every time

Drive efficient, personalized player experiences via a support team that lives and breathes your game. Our experienced player support advocates cover all channels and player issues from activation to game play.

Email, chat, social, voice support

Game play, in-game support, escalations

Activations, billing, payments

Player engagement / retention

VIP concierge support

Omnichannel CX

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Player Analytics

Turn data into actionable insights to drive player conversion

With a focus on 360 player analytics, we constantly measure how your player support team is performing via the satisfaction of your players. Our view towards continuous KPI improvement keeps everyone asking “how can we do even better?”

Player 360 analytics

Loyalty & Retention

Anticipatory CX

Innovation / Business Intelligence (BI) teams

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Moderation, Trust & Safety

Keep your communities clean and players safe

Whether leveraging our AI solutions to help automate content moderation, or empowering your frontline team members to drive a safer player experience, we are proud to support all efforts to make the internet a better place. Our trust and safety solutions are used by games brands big and small.

Content moderation - for toxicity, threats

Proactive risk management

Fraud prevention

Player & team member wellness / safety

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Process Optimization & Improvement

Optimize your workforce with people, data and tools

Running a support organization from end-to-end is our thing. From talent acquisition and training, to forecasting volume fluctuations, to real-time performance monitoring, to backend systems, we’ve got your support operations covered.

Learning & Development / Training

Workforce Management / Forecasting

Performance Management dashboards

Support Systems - ticketing, knowledge bases

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AI & Automation

Leverage intelligent automation to unlock even more potential

Empower your teams and enable your tools with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) - to name a few. Our AI and automation solutions cover the entire digital CX value chain.

Ticket system automation

Self-help automation via bots, RPA, agent assist tools, visual IVRs

AI data solutions for model training

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IT Lifecycle Support

Support your organization with a strong IT foundation

Beyond the games, our IT lifecycle expertise enables your entire organization. Don't let legacy systems or disparate technologies hold you back. We have experience supporting the diverse IT and cloud enablement needs of companies across the games landscape.

IT integration & modernization

Network operations

Cloud enablement

Internal IT - service desk

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