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Five-star digital CX, delivered

Move customers from empty carts to cartwheels with a high-tech, high-touch digital customer experience (CX). Whether you're a marketplace, ecommerce exclusive or click and mortar retailer, back your brand with our industry expertise and next-gen digital technology to gain and retain customers and sellers.

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Why beloved brands choose us

Across the retail and ecommerce ecosystem, global brands count on our cutting-edge solutions to reduce cart abandonment and increase customer and seller satisfaction. Don't discount the ability for digital CX to drive revenue growth.

  • Flexible, scalable support

    Brands adapt to fluctuating demand with our global team of CX specialists in 32 countries spanning five continents. Well ahead of time, or just in time, you can count on us to scale your support operation — every time.

  • Industry expertise

    With more than 18 years of retail and ecommerce experience, we've been helping industry brands delight customers since before unboxing videos became a thing. We've partnered with ecommerce brands, retail brands and everything in between.

  • Difference-making tech

    Shopping has to be slick. That means you need the underlying tech to make things tick. From customer-facing chatbots and behind-the-scenes automation to generative AI and full-stack development, we bring the tech that'll help you convert.

  • An engaged team

    Treat your customers with empathetic support from a highly engaged team. Our culture has won awards for innovation and excellence, and our world-class engagement (as measured by Kincentric) leads to longer tenure and improved performance.

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Our experience

It's time for industry-leading digital CX to become more than an item on your wishlist.

  • Bank cards and a shield, meant to convey trust and security in transactions

    Trustworthy transactions

    Customers expect and trust that the products they're shopping for online are legitimate. They also want to have a sense of security when it comes to making transactions — meaning it's imperative that brands are serious about keeping data safe and preventing and detecting fraud. For all of this and more, brands turn to us to maintain trust. For one marketplace client in particular, we delivered industry-leading service to identify and remove copyrighted material and reduce instances of fraud.

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  • Shopping cart carrying boxes that display check marks, surrounded by five stars

    Improved customer experience

    Merchant ratings and reviews help shoppers make informed decisions. Partnering with a global tech giant, we introduced an online shopping program to monitor merchant quality and aggregate performance data. From purchase to refund, team members input merchant quality data into a dashboard for evaluation. Across seven locations, we helped the client to understand their user experience — and saved them approximately $11M through fraudulent transaction checks.

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  • Various shipping methods (plane, van, truck, boat) and parcels displayed in front of and overtop of a globe

    Customer acquisition and growth

    New customers are needed for business growth, but brands face stiff competition for attention amid a crowded marketplace. Powered by the latest tech, we've helped brands optimize their sales funnels with improved CX, and increased customer lifetime value and average order value (AOV). For one client, we implemented a sales queue of over 70 dedicated advisors supported by enhanced sales training — increasing AOV while reducing average handle time and the total number of support calls.

  • World map with data points and lines connecting them, as well as larger icons conveying various digital ideas like security, connection, etc.

    Scaling to meet demand

    Adapting to fluctuations in demand is no small task. For B2C and D2C brands in particular, ebbs and flows can be drastic and cause problems. With customer care and sales support in more than 50 languages, our solutions have helped brands scale and deliver. Take, for example, our client who sought to bolster their operation with scalable, flexible and multilingual retail support. They partnered with us for delivery in six different markets and achieved global CSAT scores over 94%.

  • Search bar, magnifying glass, shopping cart, packages and bags meant to convey search relevance for the retail and ecommerce industry

    Engaging UX / UI design

    Through WillowTree, a TELUS International Company, we design, build and deliver innovative digital experiences that get people talking — and shopping. For the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show, the team worked with title-sponsor Pepsi to create a memorable experience through the development of a game-changing app. On game day, an in-app exclusive — the Pepsi Ultra Pass — granted fans access to a groundbreaking second screen viewing experience that brought fans on stage alongside legendary performers.

  • Bar chart made out of star shapes that shows an upward trend

    CX consulting

    In a fast-moving industry, CX process experts can help brands meet evolving expectations. When a retail client was looking to reduce costs and improve CSAT, they came to us. A team of our IT and lean six sigma consultants conducted a customer journey assessment to evaluate the service environment and provide recommendations for improvements. The TELUS International solution resulted in $2.6M in potential benefits presented back to the client via a process, technology and people roadmap.

An inventory of solutions

Leading retail and ecommerce brands have partnered with TELUS International for nearly two decades. Deliver your products, and deliver on your customer promise, with solutions for digital CX, trust and safety, artificial intelligence and digital IT.

A smiling customer support agent with an overlay of various symbols conveying support across channels

Stellar support for your buyers and sellers

You may be dropshipping, but you don't want to drop calls. Deliver the five-star support that will keep your customers coming back and your sellers satisfied. Industry brands bolster their support operations with our global infrastructure, facilitating positive omnichannel experiences and generating up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with an empathetic frontline.

Email, chat, social media and voice channel support
Concierge services for major sellers
Sales growth and retention
CX consulting
Omnichannel CX
Billing support
Image of a smartphone with 3D parcels or packages floating and an overlay of charts meant to convey analytics

Take stock of your customer data

Get a handle on your data and use it to inform your next big promotion or strategic initiative. If your data is all over the shop, we can help bring the kind of order that leads to breakthrough insights. Throughout our years of experience in the industry, we've worked with leading brands to identify pain points, hone UX and UI and predict customer needs.

360° customer analytics
Digital strategy design and implementation
Loyalty and retention insights
Anticipatory CX
Customer journey mapping
Innovation and Business Intelligence (BI) support
Ecommerce professional holding packages, while a chatbot handles customer support messages; an overlay depicts iconography symbolizing automation

Hassle-free automation that delivers

Reduce clicks and effort with intelligent automation. With our help, you can anticipate and address an array of customer support inquiries with sophisticated generative AI chatbots and robust knowledge bases. Your agents can benefit too — we've seen brands thrive by applying these same automated solutions to help them become more efficient and effective.

Generative AI chatbots for customers and agent assist
Robotic process automation (RPA)
Supply chain management
Digital customer service innovation
Knowledge base development, management and maintenance
Automated onboarding
Shopper looking at a payment card while holding a tablet; an overlay displaying a lock and star rating conveys trust and safety

Don't get left holding the bag

Prevent fraud before it happens; detect it when it does. Our suite of trusted solutions keep personally identifiable information away from prying eyes, making sure your customers feel safe shopping on your platform. What's more, we can protect your credibility by reviewing your product listings and their reviews for legitimacy and copyright infringement.

Buyer, seller and marketplace protection
Fraud detection and prevention
Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) programs
Content moderation for reviews and other user-generated content (UGC)
Social media community management
Proactive risk management
Person using tablet for online shopping, with an overlay of a search bar and various iconography symbolizing artificial intelligence

Ship better products with AI

Don't you hate it when you can't find what you're shopping for? Your customers do too. With the support of our AI Data Solutions, retail and ecommerce brands can eliminate that frustration with vastly improved online search relevance and search validation. Beyond search, brands trust in our AI expertise to develop new products, improve experiences and keep shoppers safe.

Search result evaluation
Search query categorization
Data collection and annotation in 500+ languages and dialects
AI data solutions for product and solution development
Online shopping programs
Smartphone accompanied by clouds, shopping bags and packages, with an overlay symbolizing cloud technology and digital IT

Digital IT solutions to check out

What's behind the storefront matters too. Brands count on us to build and maintain the types of backend IT infrastructure that underpin growth. Whether you're looking to leverage cloud technology, undergo a digital transformation or rout out bugs, you've found the partner you're looking for.

Digital transformation strategy
Engineering solutions and app development
Quality assurance (QA) and testing
Managed cloud services

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