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Disruptive tech calls for stand-out CX

Answer the call. Tech giants, unicorns, scale-ups and start-ups partner with us to design, build and deliver high-tech, high-touch digital customer experience (CX) solutions powered by next-gen tech. Ring, ring.

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No pain, all gain

Today’s best customer experiences are backed by the right combination of people, processes and technology. With our help, effortless CX can be easy.

Rapid scaling

Around the clock and around the globe, tech’s most innovative brands partner with us to adapt their operations to new markets and customer expectations. Whether you need a few agents or hundreds, we can help you scale in no time.

Deep domain expertise

From fintech to healthtech to whatever tech comes next, we’re building big things for changemakers. Serving over 650+ global clients, our earned digital CX and IT experience is your advantage.

Tech for tech

Save time and focus on your product — we’ll ensure your CX is upheld by the latest and greatest, like self-serve automation, omnichannel CX, cloud and contact center as a service.

Culture chameleons

Cultural fit is achieved through empathy. Understanding your customers and your culture, we blend in so your brand stands out. Want proof? Our global team member engagement is considered world-class as measured by Kincentric.

Our experience

Digital, phygital, to the frontier of what’s possible. Explore the spaces that our clients operate and how we help them get results.

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Social platforms

Your users expect a safe and secure community. Exceed their expectations and strengthen your brand with trust, safety and security solutions led by the one-two combo of human expertise and artificial intelligence. Stop fraud, protect users and create the community of the future.

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When it comes to finance, poor CX is costly. And even with an effortless experience, disruption raises important questions about compliance and new regulations. We work with fintechs, neobanks and paytechs to break through complexity.

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Is your healthtech healthy? A new, digital future of health is here and it’ll take more than a salad at lunch to maintain product-market fit. Leading brands can adapt by rapidly implementing difference-making technology and delivering compassionate support to patients and customers alike.

Global clients

Global team members

Delivery centers and digital studios

Multilingual CX support languages

Upgrade your CX operations

For nearly two decades, TELUS International has supported the customer experience needs of top global tech brands. From customer care to content moderation to bots and AI, we have the people and tech to grow and protect your brand.

Customer Support; Customer Experience

Deliver unforgettable customer experiences

Supporting hyperscalers and established brands, we handle millions of customer care interactions every year. Putting customers first across all traditional and digital CX channels is what we do. Scale your global CX operations with our highly engaged teams delivering CX support in over 50 languages across 20 countries.

Email, chat, social, voice support

Tech support and escalations

VIP concierge services

Sales growth and retention

Work Anywhere and Work-from-Home CX

Omnichannel CX

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Trust, Safety & Security

Protect your user communities

With deep and diverse experience, we are a trusted partner for brands looking to build their content moderation and overall trust and safety programs. As digital first responders, we help companies safeguard their user communities, identify risks, prevent fraud and protect online marketplaces for safe transactions.

Content moderation

eCommerce / marketplace protection

Fraud prevention

Proactive risk management

Identity verification

Know Your Customer (KYC) programs

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CX Analytics

Dive deeper into customer insights

With a focus on the customer journey, we offer speech and text analytics solutions and business intelligence (BI) tools to gather valuable intelligence from thousands – even millions – of customer interactions. When made actionable, this Voice of the Customer analysis, along with detailed BI reporting, can be your competitive edge unlocking hidden insights from your unstructured data.

360° customer analytics

Anticipatory CX

Loyalty and retention insights

Business Intelligence (BI) support

A snapshot of customer insights based on their purchases

AI; Automation

Work smarter with intelligent automation

Enhance your CX operations with our AI solutions including bots, self-serve automation and AI training data. We combine the best of human and machine intelligence to deliver engaging CX solutions for tech’s most dynamic brands. Build more human-like bot interactions, improve content moderation accuracy, enhance onsite customer search, expand speech and text recognition support and more.

Self-help automation via bots, RPA, agent-assist tools and visual IVRs

Knowledge base development, management and maintenance

AI data solutions for product and solution development

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Employee Experience (EX)

Engage your workforce with people, data and tools

EX is at the heart of a successful support organization where meaningful, engaging work translates into delivering the best customer experiences. Whether you’re seeking and training talent, forecasting fluctuations in workforce volume, monitoring performance in real time, or introducing backend support systems, we’ve got you covered. With foundational tools and industry expertise, we can enable and empower your in-house or outsourced teams.

Workforce management and forecasting

IT support systems — help desk and service desk

Performance management — dashboards and reporting

Learning and development — training and coaching

Talent acquisition and recruitment

Two women working on a laptop with a graphic overlay of a calendar and a scorecard

Work from Home

Deliver meaningful CX via a secure WFH model

Disruptive tech brands the world over look to us when they need additional customer support resources and to solidify business continuity in CX operations. Our holistic Work-from-Home (WFH) / Work Anywhere solution combines the best of people, processes and tech to deliver a flexible and secure support model for an engaged WFH operation.

Secure omnichannel CX platforms

Remote recruitment and training

Remote coaching and analytics

Flexible Work Styles — remote, onsite, hybrid

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Content moderation best practices: Maintaining brand trust in a digital world

Learn the importance of content moderation, how to choose the right method and the various ways to measure your success.

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