We’re passionate about living the brand promises of our clients while supporting game-changing customer growth.

When growing fast, you need to remain smart with time and resources. Let us free up the precious time of in-house staff to focus on what you do best. From start-ups to scale-ups to established tech brands, we deliver all levels of technical and multilingual customer support for global game changers. And it all starts with finding the right partner that “gets” your culture, brand and customers.

Once you hit on a product or service the market wants, competitors start lining up to eat your lunch. If you don’t scale fast enough, you lose the lead. Blitzscaling is the name for this type of growth.

-Term coined by LinkedIn & PayPal co-founder, Reid Hoffman

Multilingual CX support in over 50 languages

Countries with CX / IT delivery centers

World-class employee engagement scores


Adding value to the High-Tech CX journey

We support fast-growing tech companies to scale quickly and smartly across their entire growth journey. From Sales Growth and Scaling to Low-Effort Tech Support to Consistent and Contextual Service and Content Moderation to Intelligent Automation and Loyalty and Amplification, we fuel all stages of customer growth with speed to market, amazing products, and the best customer experiences while combining the best of human and machine intelligence to deliver on your customer journey.
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Omnichannel made easy: Implementation checklist for fast-growing tech brands

Navigate an omnichannel implementation while keeping the customer experience front and center.

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