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First-class customer experiences

Investing in unforgettable customer experiences (CX) that leave a lasting impression is key to standing out in the crowded travel and hospitality marketplace. Take your customer support to new heights and streamline your operations by leveraging our industry expertise and next-gen digital technology.

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Upgrade your CX

The world’s top travel and hospitality brands trust TELUS International’s winning combination of people, processes and technology to turn industry challenges into opportunities for growth.

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    Navigating the ever-changing tides of the travel and hospitality industry requires the ability to adapt and grow with ease. Our flexible CX offering can help you seamlessly scale your operations to meet fluctuating demand.

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    Next-gen tech

    From generative AI and advanced analytics, to personalized automation and omnichannel integration, our technology empowers you to engage with your guests in a more meaningful and efficient way.

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    Industry expertise

    Leverage our knowledge and insights to tap into new revenue-generating opportunities, enhance customer satisfaction and foster long-term loyalty with your customers.

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    Highly-engaged team

    The foundation of our success rests upon our exceptional crew of tenured and engaged individuals who are passionate about delivering excellence in every guest and traveler interaction.

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Our experience

Our team of travel and hospitality experts have over 13 years of experience adding value to every aspect of the guest and traveler journey.

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From pre-booking to post-flight, our solutions encompass every touchpoint of the passenger journey to ensure seamless interactions, personalized services and efficient operations. By optimizing internal support systems and fostering strong customer relationships, we enable airlines to provide exceptional assistance to their employees and customers alike.

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Guests expect hospitality experiences to be deeply personal, intelligent, and where appropriate, automated. By facilitating smooth online bookings, customized apps and providing highly personalized services, we assist hospitality brands in meeting the evolving guest demands of tomorrow. Not only does our next-gen tech keep guests coming back, it can help improve the employee experience — essential for brands looking to attract and retain the labor force of the future.

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Car rental companies

From reservation to vehicle return, today’s digitally savvy consumers are looking for car rental brands that offer hassle-free experiences. Our highly-engaged, multilingual team members provide real-time guest support, and our next-gen technologies enable car rental brands to offer convenient online booking experiences and personalized vehicle recommendations.

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Online travel marketplaces

With our deep industry expertise we help online travel marketplaces optimize their platforms, improve search functionality and personalize recommendations to ensure that users find the perfect travel options effortlessly. Our team of digital engineers, CX experts, UX/UI designers, cloud specialists and world-class testing and QA pods can ensure your brand stands above the rest in travel consulting.

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Cruise lines

Navigate troubled waters and sail toward success by leveraging upsell opportunities and identifying operational efficiencies. Optimize your core booking flow with intuitive web experiences that bridge the gap between passenger consideration and conversion; simplify the reservation management process with intuitive, self-service options; and create experiences that exceed guest expectations with our team of tenured, engaged customer support agents.

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Solutions that chart a course to success

Whether you're looking to simplify the reservation management process, augment your self-service capabilities, detect and prevent fraudulent activities or scale your traveler/guest support workforce, our expansive portfolio of solutions will help provide your customers with a VIP treatment they’re sure to remember.

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Guest/Traveler Support; Customer experience

Deliver turbulence-free experiences

In an industry where guest satisfaction is paramount, we understand the importance of prompt and personalized assistance. Our dedicated team of customer support professionals are trained to handle a wide range of inquiries, concerns and requests with efficiency and professionalism. From assisting with booking modifications, to resolving issues during a guest's stay, our Customer Experience Solutions set your brand apart from the competition and forge lasting connections with your valued guests.

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Sales growth and retention
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Omnichannel CX
Knowledge base development, management and maintenance
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Intelligent automation

Embark on a journey to operational excellence

Start your travel digital transformation. Revolutionize your operations by automating non-revenue-generating tasks. From booking confirmations to seamless check-in processes, our cutting-edge automation technology can help your brand unlock new levels of self-service efficiency, freeing up your team to focus on providing your guests with the personalized attention and care that they deserve.

A robot arm.Robotic process automation (RPA)
A computer screen with gears working together.Digital workplace services
An icon of a small robot.Generative AI chatbots
A telephone with a numbered keypad.Interactive visual and voice response (IVR)
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CX analytics

Data-driven delight: Uncover, analyze, excel

Data is key to making informed decisions and driving meaningful improvements. Gather, analyze and interpret data from various sources including customer feedback, online reviews, social media and more. Uncover valuable trends, patterns and customer preferences to enhance your overall CX strategy.

Digital strategy design and implementation
A person with a dotted line leading to a location pin.Customer journey mapping
360° customer analytics
A chat bubble with an exclamation mark inside.Anticipatory CX
A star with a silhouette of a personLoyalty and retention insights
A lightbulb with a gear inside.Innovation and Business Intelligence (BI) support
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Trust, Safety & Security

Wander safe, wander secure

Leave no stone unturned in safeguarding your brand's reputation and the trust of your valued guests. Our team of trust and safety experts specialize in online scam and payment fraud prevention, working diligently to ward off fraud before it happens. Additionally, our team is skilled at navigating the fast-paced digital landscape, leveraging social listening tools and analytics to proactively address guest concerns, combat fake reviews and cultivate a vibrant online community around your brand. Ensure trust, safety and security in your guest experience with our solutions.

A clipboard with a gear icon overlaid.Proactive and reactive social media support
A chat bubble with an magnifying glass icon overlaid.Community moderation
A credit card with an icon of a padlock overlaid.Fraud detection and prevention
An icon showing a handshake.Claims and dispute management
AI Data Solutions

Data-powered exploration

When it comes to search experiences, it’s essential that users find exactly what they're looking for quickly and effortlessly. Our AI Data Solutions provide high quality collection, annotation and relevance services to enhance search accuracy, eliminate irrelevant results and increase conversion rates to deliver a seamless and intuitive journey for your guests.

A browser window with a magnifying glass.Search result evaluation
Two files with magnifying glasses on them.Related result evaluation
Search query categorization
A map with location pin.Mapping and Point of Interest (POI) validation services
Data collection and annotation in 500+ languages and dialects

Improving search relevance for a fast-growing unicorn

Learn how TELUS International classified over 200,000 search queries for a leading online travel company which provides a one-stop platform for a range of ticketing services including flights, accommodation and attractions.

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