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  1. Illustration of an assembly line with bugs being removed from computer code via automated arms, meant to symbolize quality assurance in AI training data

  2. An animated depiction of facial recognition, natural language processing and autonomous vehicles.

  3. IDC info snapshot - AI data image

  4. Hundreds of brightly colored lines on a black background. On the left of the image the colored lines are mixed together. In the middle of the image you can see the lines twisting and beginning to sort themselves into specific colors. On the right of the image, all lines are grouped together by color.

  5. Illustration of person drawing a route through a maze, meant to symbolize decision-making

  6. Woman pointing to monitor while male colleague looks intently

  7. Robot representing AI is reading books labeled machine learning.

  8. Cartoon of robot opened robot hand with many icons stemming from it, including a brain, an envelope, a lightbulb, a cloud and more

  9. Hands counting to five

  10. Cartoon of a human working on a computer with an arrow in the background used to symbolize a cycle

  11. Three layered circles labelled from inner to outer: deep learning, machine learning and AI

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