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How to use ad evaluation to improve conversion in new markets

Posted January 1, 2021
Ad evaluation concept with computer showing woman holding bottle and two people reviewing

Whether you are working with CPA, CPM, CPC, or other ad models, ad evaluation services can help you maximize conversion, generate the most leads and make the most money possible out of your ads. Depending on your product and industry, entering international or overseas markets for the first time can be a very difficult task. Crowdsourced ad evaluation is one of the most efficient ways to help optimize your advertisements for foreign markets.

A global crowd is especially important to source bilingual staff and find evaluators in your target demographics. At TELUS International, each member of our global crowd is hired for a specific role, be it search query evaluation, data annotation or ad evaluation. We source, hire, and train ad evaluators in numerous countries all over the world. Below are just five ways our ad evaluators can help your campaigns convert in new markets.

1. Eliminate translation errors

Poorly-translated ads look unprofessional and have close to 0% chance of converting into leads. While free online translation applications like Google Translateare improving, automatic machine translation just isn’t quite strong enough yet. Especially when translating nuanced or specialized copy in ads, translation should always be done by a professional translator in your desired language pairs. It would also be best to have the translation assessed by a third party before the advertisement goes live.

2. Ad evaluation for humor, tone and cultural references

Have you ever told a joke expecting raucous laughter, but was instead greeted by awkward silence and confused stares? Humor is a delicate and intricate skill to master. It is exponentially more difficult when the words are translated into another language. Try telling an English joke to ESL students and you’ll quickly see that jokes, puns and word play don’t translate well.

Humor differs greatly between cultures. The same can be said for slang, taglines, tone and cultural references. While expertly crafted by your marketing team, the ad copy won’t hold the same subtle connotations and wit when translated. As well, cultural references will not be understood in foreign markets.

If you want to maintain a professional tone, we can have ad evaluators in your target demographic assess your ad copy. Likewise, we can also do crowd surveys to find evaluators who are knowledgeable about the target.

3. Censorship laws

No matter how great your advertisement visuals and copy may be, it is all for naught if they are censored before they even reach the market. Certain locales may censor content more strictly than where you are located. Especially for products like alcohol, tobacco, or other mature content, some countries have strict advertising laws. For example, all forms of tobacco advertising and promotion are completely illegal in Canada.

As well, various advertising platforms and social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest may have strict guidelines for appropriate content. Our team can verify guidelines in your target markets and make sure your ad content does not break any advertising laws.

4. Improve ad relevance

Sometimes certain ads are great in theory, but don’t convert well in practice. One very important factor for ad conversion is landing page relevancy. In other words, when the user clicks the ad are they directed to a landing page that matches the content of the advertisement? Ensure your ads have been tested for relevancy before they go live. To increase conversion rates, ad evaluators can rank ads and ad landing pages based on relevancy, appeal to target demographic and other factors.

5. Ad evaluation to ensure global functionality

One of the most important, yet often forgotten, aspects to evaluate is the usability of the ad. Once the advertisement is live, do the links work properly? Is the user redirected to the correct landing page in their native language? While you can use a VPN (virtual private network) to simulate the IP address of another country, the only surefire way to test the ad is to have evaluators in your target market test the ad directly.

Ad evaluation companies, like TELUS International, can quickly and easily source staff located in your target locales. Our evaluators can verify 100% whether or not your ad links are functional in your target areas on target devices (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac).

These are just five ways you can use ad evaluation to improve ad conversion in new markets. While ad evaluation services may not have been included in your initial budget, when done correctly, ad evaluation can create a greater ROI in the long run.

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