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  1. Illustration of connected dots, meant to represent governance in AI data collection.

  2. Illustration of person using smartphone, with floating speech bubbles symbolizing a conversation with a chatbot

  3. Illustration of two blocks of text running through an icon of a robot, meant to symbolize generative AI

  4. Illustration of a diverse group of people standing in front of a globe, meant to symbolize impact sourcing

  5. Hour glass with sand falling

  6. A piggy bank falling into a robot hand

  7. Visualization meant to symbolize data classification

  8. Illustration of a mountain made up of data that's topped with a flag

  9. Illustration of an assembly line with bugs being removed from computer code via automated arms, meant to symbolize quality assurance in AI training data

  10. model cars driving in the same lane

  11. Illustration of various technology and icons meant to symbolize machine learning

  12. Two people with virtual reality (VR) goggles meant to symbolize the metaverse

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