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  1. Illustration of robot with rays coming from its eyes

  2. Data annotation

  3. Hand reaching towards a digital interface that depicts the word "Outsourcing"

  4. Different colored boxes highlight text to code its sentiment as positive, neutral or negative

  5. Personal assistant playing music

  6. White square with different colored boxes to indicate separate entities

  7. Futuristic illustration depicting computer hardware and a brain made out of data

  8. Cartoon of robot opened robot hand with many icons stemming from it, including a brain, an envelope, a lightbulb, a cloud and more

  9. Hands using a smartphone on a black background

  10. Hands counting to five

  11. Magnifying glass over an illustration of a group of people of different ethnicities and genders

  12. Cartoon of a human working on a computer with an arrow in the background used to symbolize a cycle

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