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Posted June 27, 2023

Leveraging automation for labeling large 3D pipelines

In this virtual chat with TELUS International computer vision experts Ajinkya Malasane and Kaushik PS, we’ll dive deep into end-to-end sensor fusion data collection and annotation solutions for autonomous vehicle training needs.

Three cars on road with labeling boxes around them

There’s a lot of buzz around lidar and radar innovations, particularly regarding their application in various devices, notably self-driving cars. In this webinar, our experts share valuable insights on the role of 3D data in autonomous mobility. Specifically, they discuss how it can be leveraged to create more accurate maps and enable advanced sensor fusion and perception capabilities.

What will you learn?

  • checkmarkHow TELUS International is building the most versatile sensor-fusion labeling tools to serve clients’ needs now and into the future
  • checkmarkHow we find the data that’s needed to build cutting-edge functionality in advanced driver assistance systems
  • checkmarkThe annotation automation techniques we use, including our three-pronged approach to achieving 90% automation through the use of autopilots, co-pilots and helper bots

Featured speakers

Ajinkya Malasane

Head of Business, Computer VisionTELUS International

Ajinkya is an experienced business and technical product leader. He has a deep understanding of emerging technologies such as supervised learning, reinforcement learning, generative AI and the autonomous mobility landscape. You can expect an engaging and informative discussion with Ajinkya, who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the conversation.

Kaushik PS

Director of Product, Computer VisionTELUS International

Kaushik is a seasoned product leader with over a decade of experience in leveraging emerging technologies to solve complex problems. With his deep understanding of 3D data, machine learning and automation, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights on the latest tools and techniques for optimizing pipeline labeling workflows.

Learn about sensor fusion data collection and annotation solutions for autonomous vehicle training needs.

Access the webinar to get started.


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