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Creating annotation work opportunities through impact sourcing

Discover how TELUS International and the SETU Foundation spearheaded an initiative to provide occupational and learning opportunities to young women in India while delivering high-quality results for the client.

Two women sit in front of computer monitors doing annotation work.
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Precision (quality)

Segmented images

Project duration in weeks

The challenge

Our client, an American electric vehicle manufacturer and automotive technology company, required semantic segmentation for 2,000 images to support the development of their autonomous vehicles. Semantic segmentation helps specify the shape, size and form of the objects in an image, as well as their location. Looking to ramp the project with speed, the client turned to TELUS International to source the right talent.

The TELUS International solution

To fulfill our client’s requirements, we employed 22 young women from Noida, India who had sought employment through the SETU Foundation, an independent, voluntary organization that focuses on women’s education, youth empowerment and livelihood creation. Working with SETU, we established a detailed program to train the women on semantic segmentation. The annotators were tracked closely for precision and recall through daily quality checks and mentorship touchpoints.

The results

By the final weeks of the project, the team was exceeding quality thresholds and delivering ahead of schedule. Additionally, the group’s recall and precision levels exceeded benchmarks. Further, images containing nighttime scenarios and challenging road conditions, which can often make the annotator’s job more difficult, did not reduce the level of quality delivered.

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