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Posted January 4, 2024

Building trust in generative AI

Brands are eager to reap the benefits of generative AI (GenAI) while limiting potential risks. Join TELUS International’s Steve Nemzer, director of AI growth and innovation, as he shares best practices for leveraging GenAI without compromising your organization’s goodwill.

Generative AI is transforming the business landscape by offering exciting new capabilities — from better automation and hyper personalization, to increased customer retention and improved agent experiences. However, its propensity to occasionally hallucinate or deliver biased information means that this new technology also comes with new risks. A TELUS International survey of 1,000 U.S. residents who have a familiarity with generative AI showed that two-thirds (63%) do not or don’t yet know if they trust it.

Watch now for solutions on how to build trust in generative AI by ensuring it responds in a way that’s accurate, helpful and free from bias.

Key takeaways from the video

  • checkmarkWays to maintain transparency with customers and employees when launching GenAI technology
  • checkmarkWhy diversifying your data sources and fine-tuning processes, and tracking bias-mitigation initiatives are critical when implementing generative AI in your business operations
  • checkmarkWhat to consider when selecting GenAI technology: off-the-shelf versus custom

Featured speaker

Steve Nemzer

Director of AI growth and innovationTELUS International

Steve Nemzer is a technology thought leader who has been working with large language models (LLMs), neural networks and generative AI since the earliest commercial applications of neural net technology and machine translation. His areas of expertise include data collection, annotation and AI model validation. He is committed to the principles of responsible AI practices, particularly with respect to dataset bias mitigation and workforce fair pay and wellness.

Learn how to leverage generative AI without compromising your brand’s reputation

Access the webinar to get started.


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