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Computer vision annotation to support autonomous driving systems

Learn how TELUS International helped a leading European automotive machine learning team build high-quality datasets to power computer vision innovations at scale.

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highly-trained annotators

high-quality labels delivered

productivity spike in 60 days

average recall for all outputs

The autonomous driving industry is innovating at a rapid pace. From integrating advanced driver-assistance and monitoring systems to providing full-scale automated driving experiences, high-quality datasets form the cornerstones of these complex systems. TELUS International’s AI Data Solutions help automotive machine learning (ML) teams accelerate computer vision innovations at scale.

The challenge

Our client, one of the largest European automobile manufacturers, builds cutting-edge L4 & L5 autonomous driving technologies for improved mobility systems. The client’s perception team builds complex ML models to detect objects in large image sequences collected via multi-camera sensors. These safety-critical models require highly-accurate object detection datasets with 2D bounding box and 3D cuboid annotations. They needed a solution to optimize their pipeline with a continuous supply of high-quality datasets that could train their perception stacks quickly and effectively with minimal supervision of data labeling workflows.

The TELUS International solution

As part of the project scope, our client needed a data annotation platform that supported different label formats for multi-sensor data. Ground Truth Studios, TELUS International’s multi-faceted data annotation platform, helped the client eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple labeling partners to quickly create large volumes of diverse datasets required for faster model training and enhancements.

TELUS International delivered:

  • Faster and more accurate labeling for multi-sensor data via ML-assisted annotation tools
  • Seamless data integration with robust APIs and Python SDKs
  • High-security standards with a SOC-2 certified platform
  • GDPR compliance via our proprietary image anonymizer that automatically blurs out personal identifiers from images
  • 99% average recall rates for all outputs via specialized automation and quality control features that substituted for repetitive, high-effort tasks
  • Robust training that enabled over 500+ annotators to execute complex labeling tasks
  • Real-time annotator productivity tracking including instant feedback mechanisms
  • Custom infrastructure engineering to support unique edge cases
  • High quality and affordable data at scale using efficient and streamlined workflows
  • Highly flexible ad hoc project support to accommodate changing requirements

The results

TELUS International’s solution quadrupled the client’s productivity in 60 days and generated over 3 million labels per month, while maintaining a 99% average recall for all outputs. As a result, their perception team improved their model accuracies and implemented faster experimentation for better outputs.

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