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Facilitating transactional review and online shopping services for a global tech giant

Examine how TELUS International evaluated high-quality data and merchant ratings to enhance the customer experience.

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in savings for the client

merchants in evaluation pipeline

user experience checks completed per year

The challenge

Merchant ratings and reviews help ecommerce shoppers make more informed purchasing decisions. In addition to information about the product, merchant ratings consist of information about the company as well as the overall buying experience, effectively helping prospective shoppers understand what to expect from a purchase interaction.

Our client is a multinational technology company that focuses on online advertising, cloud computing and more. The client needed an experienced partner to analyze merchant quality data and validate risk assessment ratings to better understand the buyer journey and enhance the overall experience of its users.

The TELUS International online shopping program

With our long-standing, mutually beneficial partnership and demonstrable experience in the industry, the TELUS International online shopping program was selected to help the client achieve their goals. The program monitors merchant quality and aggregates data on how well the merchants perform.

Our team of experienced remote data evaluators follow a standardized review process for each evaluation stage. From purchase to refund, team members input merchant quality data into a dashboard for evaluation, using a strict playbook with clearly defined guidelines and criteria. Additionally, the TELUS International team is responsible for audits and reconciliation, hiring and onboarding, project management, continuous program improvement, team building initiatives and productivity management for both the client’s shopping and non-shopping solutions, such as vendor listings.

The online shopping program also involves the coordination of charitable giving, with goods purchased as part of the program donated to reputable non-profit organizations. TELUS International manages this process, along with the auditing and reconciliation for all areas of the program, ensuring requirements are met and risk is mitigated.

Key features of our online shopping program include:

  • Delivering definitive results using a set criteria of standards; validity, reliability and representativeness must be observed
  • Providing benchmark quality data to support merchant evaluations globally
  • Developing partnerships to support the shopping infrastructure (i.e. payment and shipping solutions, etc.)

The results

The TELUS International online shopping program provides data analysis that enables the client to truly understand the user experience. Through website audits, transactional fraud and trend analysis at scale, the partnership has enhanced the end-to-end customer journey.

Furthermore, TELUS International aided in the identification and development of value-added solutions, such as promotions and deals, both of which are crucial when it comes to user experience evaluations.

Program highlights include:

  • More than 20K fraudulent transaction checks resulting in approximately $11M of savings for the client
  • Seven locations throughout the U.S., France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia
  • Providing benchmark quality data to support merchant evaluations globally
  • Dozens of global team members
  • 1,500+ merchants in evaluation pipeline
  • 45-50K user experience checks completed per year

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