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Enhancing the AI Community’s well-being with a holistic wellness strategy

Discover how a leading technology company leveraged TELUS International’s expertise to develop one of the first global wellness strategies on their behalf.

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well-being awareness score for the AI Community

satisfaction rating for the AI Community

Search relevance is a critical factor in ensuring a positive and effortless online user experience. The evaluation process enables users around the world to receive accurate results when shopping, seeking directions, accessing media and conducting many other online activities. In addition to helping a leading technology company deliver exceptional search relevance, TELUS International played an instrumental role in the creation and implementation of a well-being program for an equally impactful work experience.

The challenge

The client, a global media platform, is a longstanding partner of TELUS International’s AI Data Solutions. They were looking to proactively adopt a wellness strategy to support remote AI Community content evaluators faced with potentially sensitive or difficult content. The strategy needed to be built with the understanding that their predominantly task-based work schedule would require creativity and flexibility across constituents.

The TELUS International solution

As an experienced manager of large and diverse global workforces, the client leveraged TELUS International’s expertise to develop one of the first global wellness strategies on their behalf. The multi-year initiative incorporated industry best practices that worked within the unique confines of the search relevance program.

The first phase introduced a third-party wellness support provider who offered both counseling services and an online platform of resources (web-based and app-based) to support the mental health and well-being of the AI Community.

To ensure maximum visibility, the program was promoted extensively through monthly wellness themes, newsletters, campaigns during high visibility days (e.g. World Mental Health Day) and fun, interactive elements such as a global step challenge.

The second phase involved targeted support for those who had flagged potential issues during the course of their workday. This included personalized reminders of support and customized training around the management of difficult content.

The third phase introduced a proprietary resilience training program, arming remote content evaluators with the tools to proactively overcome workplace stressors.

The results

The staggered approach to introduce various wellness components into the project lifecycle helped to support search evaluators’ health and well-being and drive greater AI Community satisfaction. Using the Brief Resilience Scale (BRS), respondents indicated a noticeable increase in resilience levels, with 98% of participants reporting that they found the training beneficial overall.

The positive results from the program contributed to an overall well-being awareness score of 96% and a 98% satisfaction rating for the AI Community as a whole. Additionally, the content evaluation program delivered strong results for the client with quality scores on or above target and consistently impressive month-over-month attrition metrics.

I think that it is great that the company offers this. It is a great program to have and not every company cares this much about their employees to make sure they are happy and taken care of. So, thank you so much for all that you offer!
US-based AI Community member

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