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Everest Group Data Annotation and Labeling (DAL) Solutions for AI/ML PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024

Everest Group evaluated 19 providers on market impact, vision and capabilities in its 2024 PEAK Matrix® assessment for data annotation and labeling solutions. In the inaugural report, TELUS International was one of only five providers recognized as a Leader. Access the report to discover more highlights.

"TELUS International has a strong focus on building platforms to strengthen their annotation and labeling capabilities, with the latest one supporting pre-training and fine tuning of Generative AI models."

Arpit Mehra, Practice Director, Everest Group

TELUS International is one of only five data annotation and labeling solutions providers recognized as a Leader in the assessment.

In the inaugural report, Everest Group highlighted TELUS International’s platform-first approach and ability to undertake complex use cases across different data types and modalities as key differentiators. Additionally, analysts noted TELUS International’s robust proprietary AI Data Platform, highlighting its numerous AI and ML-assisted features, automated quality assurance (QA) workflows for increased accuracy, efficiency and speed.


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